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These motivational quotes will inspire you to be a better money manager and help you live the life you want.

You've heard it a lot, but money can't buy happiness. You can have an exciting life, but you will not find the happiness that everyone seeks in their lives.

Stress will only result if you have too many bills to pay and not enough money. If you have enough money, you can pay your bills easily and be content with your life.

It's wrong to claim that money cannot buy happiness. Without money, no one lives a happy life and is unable to do the things they truly want.

Money Quotes

Income tax is the most difficult thing in the world. - Albert Einstein

You will earn more if you learn more. - Warren Buffett

You should be able to think with your mind and not waste your time. - Naval Ravikant

One billion dollars here, one billion there and you will soon be talking about real money. - Everett Dirksen

Money is a tool. Money can take you anywhere you want, but it cannot replace you as the driver. - Ayn Rand

All I ask for is the opportunity to prove that money doesn't make me happy. - Spike Milligan

It is hugely different to be rich and make a lot of money. - Marlene Dietrich

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Although money can't buy you love, it can improve your bargaining powe-Christopher Marlowe

You'll make more money if you find meaning- Guy Kawasaki

While it is good to have money and to be able to buy the things you want, it is also good to periodically check your finances to make sure you don't lose the things you can't afford. - George Horace Lorimer

Wealth is not about having many possessions but having few needs- Epictetus

Knowledge is the best investment. - Benjamin Franklin

Happiness does not reside in money. It is found in the joy of accomplishment, the thrill of creative work. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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If you can prove you don't have the money, a bank will lend you money- Bob Hope

You can buy a dog a good price, but love is what will make it happy. - Richard Friedman

If the market crashes for ten years, only buy something you would be happy to keep. - Warren Buffett

Motivational Money Quotes

You can trade time for money, but not money for time. First, you'll run out of time. - Naval Ravikant

Money is often attracted and not pursued. - Jim Rohn

To impress people you don’t like, stop buying things that you don’t need. - Suze Orman

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My whole life, I have known that money is everywhere. You just have to go after it- Curtis Carlson

Happiness is the result of an annual income of twenty pounds and an annual expenditure of nineteen six. Annual income of twenty pounds, annual expense twenty pound ought, and six, results in misery- Charles Dickens

A life focused on making a quick buck is a sign of a lack of ambition. This is asking too much of you. It will make you feel empty-Barack Obama

Money is not as valuable as time. Money is not unlimited. But you can't get more time. - Jim Rohn

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People who have money can be as wealthy or poor. - Coco Chanel

A poor business is one that only makes money.

While some people have dreams of success, others are determined to make it happen every day. - Wayne Huizenga

You can't let success come to you; you must go after it.

Don't confuse your salary with your talent. - Marlon Brando

It is often too expensive to spend money. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A person who doesn’t know where their next dollar is coming form usually doesn’t know where it went.

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Money can be used to measure wealth, but it is not wealth itself. - Alan Watts

Although I don't really like money, it does quieten my nerves-Joe Louis

Most people miss out on opportunities because they are dressed in overalls and look like work. - Thomas Edison

It's not difficult to make money. What is hard is to do something worthwhile with your life. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Fold it once and place it in your pocket to increase your safety- Kin Hubbard

While money does not guarantee happiness, it can certainly make you miserable. - Daniel Kahneman

These are the Most Famous Money Quotes

The fastest and most reliable path to a happier life is to learn to distinguish "happiness” from "spending money". - Mr. Money Mustache

Expect the best. Be prepared for the worst. Take advantage of what is possible. - Zig Ziglar

You are free with the money you have, but you will be enslaved by the money you seek- Jean Jacques Rousseau

Libraries are better than money for times when you don't have any money. - Anne Herbert

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You don't have to believe money is all you need or you will end up doing everything just for the money. - Voltaire

Too many people spend money that they don’t have to, to buy things they don’t need or impress people they don’t like- Will Smith

I have never tried to make any money in the stock market. I believe they will close the stock market within the next day. They may not reopen it for 10 years. - Warren Buffett

People who believe money can do everything are entitled to expect money to do everything. - Edward Wood

We will be wealthy and free if we control our wealth. If our wealth commands us, then we will be poor indeed. - Edmund Burke

It is often too expensive to spend money. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many people believe they have accumulated vast wealth. But it is only money. - Alan Watts

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I don't have the money to pay good wages, but I do have a lot because I pay high wages. - Robert Bosch

Money has never made a man content, and it will not make him happy. The more money a man has, he will want more. It doesn't fill a vacuum; it creates one. - Benjamin Franklin

Your financial success or failure is down to you. The "fruits" will come if you focus on the roots.

A man on a mission is better than a man with money. - Doyle Brunson

Spend your money on things that money can't buy. Spend your time on things that money won't buy. - Haruki Murakami

Funny Money Quotes

Success is not about money, but freedom will.

Success is not achieved in the dictionary. - Vidal Sassoon

People who gave up on their dreams of success are often the ones responsible for many of life's failures. - Thomas Edison

Income tax is perhaps the most difficult thing in the world to grasp.

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Everyone should be famous and rich, and achieve everything they have ever dreamed. This will help them see that wealth is not the answer. - Jim Carrey

People don't care about their money until they run out of it. Others do the same with their time. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is not easy to remember that money can only be saved when you have it- Joe Moore

It's common sense to make money. It's not rocket science. Unfortunately, it's not rocket science when it comes money- Robert Kiyosaki

We live by what we get but our lives are made by what you give- Winston Churchill

The problem is not money, but the idea-Ken Hakuta

I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest person alive- Henry Miller

Tell me not where your priorities are. Show me where your money is spent and I will tell you- James W. Frick

Your soul will not be bought back with all the money you have made- Bob Dylan

You can make a living from formal education, but self-education is the way to go. - Jim Rohn

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You can do things you don't like. Money is useful because I don't like doing almost everything. - Groucho Marx

You can be grateful and fear will disappear. Then abundance will appear-Tony Robbins

I understand why people don't get rich. They place the job ahead of the money. The job will always come first if you think about it. This is a never-ending mantra- Hedy Lamarr

Peace of mind cannot be bought with money. It can't heal broken relationships or give meaning to a life without it. - Richard M. DeVos

Success Money Quote

Money is an excellent servant, but a terrible master- P.T. Barnum

Minds are like flowers. They only open when it is right. - Stephen Richards

Be aware of what you have and why. - Priyanshu Singh

Everyone called me brother when I had money. - Polish proverb

Poor people have big libraries and small TVs, while the rich have big libraries and small TVs. - Zig Ziglar

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Money equals freedom- Kevin O'Leary

You can save money if you want to be rich. - Benjamin Franklin

The Golden Rule is our guideline. The rules are made by those who have the gold. - Buzzie Bavasi

Don't make money; make a difference. - Grant Cardone

All evil stems from the lack of money- Mark Twain

All the money in the world wouldn't have any meaning if women didn’t exist. - Aristotle Onassis

The richest man is the one whose pleasures cost least- Henry David Thoreau

You must have the courage to write down every dollar you spend and add it up weekly- Josephus Nelson Larned

Wealth is the ability of living life fully- Henry David Thoreau

You will make more money the more you know. - Priyanshu Singh

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Some people have no money at all, and are so poor they cannot afford to live- Unknown

Saving money is wrong. I don't want it to be!- William Shatner

Making money is art, working is art, and good business is the best form of art- Andy Warhol

Money can make your life easier. You're lucky if you have it. - Robert De Niro

Every paycheck is a bonus if you are able to get paid for what you love. - Oprah Winfrey

You can't be wealthy unless you have something that money cannot buy- Garth Brooks

It's not important to have money if you don't have it- Sting

Everyone called me brother when I had money. - Polish proverb

Beauty is a whore. I like money more- Michael Cunningham

Saving Money Quotes

The habit of saving itself is an education. It fosters all virtues, teaches self-denial and cultivates order. It trains for forethought and broadens the mind- T.T. Munger

Financial peace doesn't mean buying stuff. Financial peace is learning to live with less than you earn so that you can invest and give back money. This is the only way to win- Dave Ramsey

The best salespeople are those who borrow money from their friends and families. They are able to ask for money.

The employer is not responsible for paying the wages. Employers don't handle the money. The customer pays the wages- Henry Ford

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Living like they are broke is how rich people stay wealthy. Living like a millionaire helps a person stay broke.

We will be wealthy and free if we control our wealth; if we have to command our wealth, then we are indeed poor. - Edmund Burke

Warren was right. I also had a passion for getting rich. But not because I wanted Ferraris. I wanted independence. It was something I longed for. - Charlie Munger

My favourite things in life aren't expensive. It is clear that time is the most valuable resource we have. - Steve Jobs

You are free with the money you have, but you will be enslaved by the money you seek- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Nobody is held back by empty pockets. That can only be done by empty heads and empty hearts- Norman Vincent Peale

Wealth does not mean having lots of money. It's about having many options- Chris Rock

Although money is not the most important thing, it's close to oxygen in terms of "must have it". - Zig Ziglar

Money is numbers, and numbers never stop. Your search for happiness is never finished if you need money to make it happen- Bob Marley

A person can have happy thoughts by counting his blessings, not his money- Unknown

You will never be able to have independence if money is your only hope. A man's only security in this world will be his knowledge, ability, and experience- Henry Ford

To achieve a goal, to work hard, and to have the chance to make it happen, is the meat of life. The gravy is the money. - Bette Davis

Inspirational Money Quotes

Only you can be truly successful at what you love. Do not make money your goal. Do what you love and make it your goal to do so. - Maya Angelou

Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far. - Warren Buffett

People often think they're not good at making money, when in reality they don't know how to make it work- Frank A. Clark

It doesn't matter how much you make but how much you keep, how it works for your family, and how many generations it lasts- Robert Kiyosaki

You will never have serious financial success if you aren't serious about your money. - Grant Cardone

You can make a living by formal education. You can make a fortune by self-education - Jim Rohn

While it is good to have money and to be able to buy the things you want, it's also good to make sure that your money doesn't go to waste. - George Lorimer

It is not possible to count everything, but it is possible to count some things. - Albert Einstein

The ultimate purpose behind money is to allow you to move around freely and not be restricted by any one place or time. - Naval Ravikant

People in finance, international trade, and the money business are often the most wealthy. - Robin Leach

You will never find a way that you can make money while you're sleeping. - Warren Buffett

Time and Money Quotes

To learn how to make money, we go to school. I create books and products that help people make money work for them. Robert Kiyosaki

My whole life, I have known that money is everywhere. You just have to go after it. Curtis Carlson

Budgets are a way to tell your money where it should go, rather than wondering where it went- Dave Ramsey

Even if it's only financial, money is better than poverty. - Woody Allen

While wealth does not make people happy; positive increases in wealth can. - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The rich spend their money recklessly on extravagant luxuries in the Middle Ages while the poor lived modestly and saved every penny. The tables have turned today. The wealthy take great care in managing their assets and investments, while the poor go to debt to buy televisions and cars they don't need. - Yuval Noah Harari

It doesn't matter if you have the money to buy it. - Suze Orman

Make sure you leave your sons educated and not rich. The hopes of the well-instructed are better than those of the ignorant-Epictetus

It's funny, people who work hard aren't motivated to be in a better place. - Karl Pilkington

People want recognition and praise more than money and sex- Mary Kay Ash

Poetry is not money. But poetry is money- Robert Graves

Because someone planted a tree long ago, someone is sitting in the shade right now- Warren Buffett

To be successful, you must be narrow-sighted and completely focused. You can do anything you want once you have achieved success-Kevin O'Leary

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