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Karma can be defined as work, action, or deed. Karma, which is a concept, refers to the fact that any events in your life, good or bad, are determined by your past actions, work, and deeds. You can simply say that if you do anything bad in your life, all the bad things you have will happen in your life.

Although this isn't technically true, many religions, including Sikhism and Ayyavazhi will believe in it.

These Karma Quotes will help you see how you can make a difference in your life. Karma can be described as reward or punishment.

Karma is a way to keep our paths on the right track. You can find inspirational karma sayings and quotes related to topics like Journey quotes, hard work quotes and more.


Karma Sayings and Quotes

Karma never loses an adresse.

It will eventually return to you, just like karma.

Karma is not based on what you do, but what you get. - Priyanshu Singh

The heat of fire turns wood into ashes and the fire of knowledge to ashes all karma. - Bhagavad Gita

Most of the time, how you treat children will affect how they treat you. Terry Mark

The karma of one's past actions determines one's destiny, even though everyone wishes to be so fortunate. - Sri Guru Grant Sahib

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My Mahadev is always there to me even if karma is absent. - Priyanshu Singh

Karma can be described as a rubber band. It can only be stretched so far before it comes back to bite you in the face.

I wish Karma will slap you in the face before me.

Karma will solve any problem, revenge will not.

Karma always gives us what we are due.

KARMA is the only thing that can fix everything. Revenge is not going to do it. - Priyanshu Singh

Karma can be negotiated - We create our destiny.

Karma is based on your work. It tells you whether to reward or punish. - Priyanshu Singh

Karma is a key part of our lives. - Priyanshu Singh

People who create their own drama are entitled to their own karma

You can do bad and still get good karma - Priyanshu Sing

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I wish karma will slap you in the face and I'll be there for you to fall on the ground.

Karma comes in many forms, but the best kind of karma is when your ex gets exactly what he deserves.

Karma is always good for me. I have never done anything wrong in my life. - Priyanshu Singh

Trusting in something is essential - your gut and destiny, life, karma or whatever. This has been a life-changing approach that has not failed me. - Steve Jobs

Karma is like gravity. It's so simple, we don’t even notice it.

Although nobody deserves to be in misery, sometimes it is your turn.

The results are not your responsibility, but only your actions. - Allan Lokos

Karma can be a difficult thing. Karma is the act of recompense. M.R. Mathias

Peace is within you. It is not possible to find peace without it. - Buddha

Your karma is how others treat you. How you respond is yours. Wayne Dyer

It is a law of karma that people who hurt others will be left broke and isolated by vindictive people. Sylvester Stallone

Karma Quotes about Life

I hope you enjoyed the time you cheated upon me. Now it's my turn to watch you as karma slowly kills you.

Karma is similar to the mango tree's fruit. The tree will bear the mango, and the mango will bear the tree. And so the cycle continues. - Niruben Amin

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Karma is what I believe in. Karma is the ability to reap the benefits of what you have done. Positive things bring good returns. Yannick Noah

You will always be responsible for the evil you do. The good you do, comes back to your.

Every action that you take is important. You can think of as many things as you like before you do something bad or good for someone else. Karma is always waiting to be unleashed.

You can only live one life and do good. Good will follow you. - Priyanshu Singh

You will soon find yourself in the shoes of someone else. Pay attention to how you treat others. Unknown

She plants, and she reaps the harvest. This is the field called karma. - Sri Guru Granth Sahib

When understood properly, Karma is simply the mechanism through which consciousness manifests. Deepak Chopra

Karma is the root cause for success or failure in all aspects of life. - Zhi Gang Sha

Everyone is dumped, everyone gets hurt, and there is karma to be loved for what you have done to others. Marina and the Diamonds

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The world will change as long as there is karma. Karma will always need to be addressed. Nina Hagen

You will not find peace with the wrong one. The right one will lead you to peace and not in pieces.

If you are inspired by a positive person, try to be like them. Reflect on your weaknesses when you see someone who is not as good.

Be able to see. Recognize that everything is connected to everything else. - Leonardo da Vinci

There is no need to retaliate. You can just relax and wait. You will be hurt by those who do wrong to you eventually. If you're fortunate, God will allow you to watch.

If you do good deeds, you will get good karma. Russell Simmons

My only true possession is my actions. I can't escape the consequences of what I do. My actions are the foundation upon which I stand. Thich NhaT Hanh

Karma does not have to do with reward and punishment, contrary to popular belief. It exists in our holographic universe's binary/dualistic operating system to teach us responsibility for what we create - and everything that we experience is our creation. Sol Luckman

Bad Karma Quotes

If you play with the heart of someone, karma will play against you. - Priyanshu Singh

I pray that karma will make you feel twice the pain you have caused me.

Karma can be shaped by our desires but it doesn't cease to exist when those desires disappear. - Sriranga

We are the creators of our future through every act of kindness and crime. - David Mitchell

Bad karma can be likened to instant coffee. It doesn't take too long to get your bad karma.

Karma is something I believe in. I believe that all you do is repaid. I am adamant about my grandkids seeing their grandparents. Joel Madden

One of the many ways that karma works is that it discovers what you are most afraid and makes that happen. Cheech Marin

Karma Quotes

Because I am aware of the importance of karma in our lives, I don't wish to do anything bad for anyone. - Priyanshu Singh

I believe that karma is real and can be lived with it. I give what I want back. - Megan Fox

Karma is when you toss a banana in Mario Kart, and it ends up getting stuck on your feet. Unknown

It is a mythical law that all three of the most important things in life, happiness, freedom, peace of mind, are attained by giving them away to others. Peyton Conway March

Respect others' homes just as you would like them to treat yours. Because what goes around, comes around. - Ana Monnar

If karma fails to catch up, God will most certainly pick up the slack. - Anthony Liccione

Be a good person and live a life of honor. When you get older, you will be able to look back on your life and have a second chance at it. - Dalai Lama

Do not waste your time with revenge. People who have hurt you will eventually face their own karma.

It is impossible to do any harm to another person if they have done harm to yourself. You will be held responsible for their actions. - Ericka Williams

Karma brings us back to rebirth and binds us to the cycle of births, deaths, and karma is our constant companion. Good Karma pulls us back as hard as we can. The chain made from our virtues is as strong and secure as the one made from our vices. - Annie Besant

Thoughts lead to goals, actions bring forth purposes; habits form habits; habits determine character; character sets our destiny. Tryon Edwards

Karma does not only refer to the difficulties, it also involves conquering them. Rick Springfield

Every action has an opposite reaction. This is the law that the universe follows and does not spare anyone. Both injustice done and wrong done are paid back with the same coin. The justice of the universe is not for everyone. It's only a matter time. - Anil Sinha

You will get whatever experience you need to evolve your consciousness. How can you tell if this is the experience that you are looking for? This is the experience that you are currently having.

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