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These are some motivational good-night quotes that will help you to sleep better at night.

It's easy to find motivational quotes to get you out of bed in the morning.

Ever tried to find the perfect quote before you fell asleep?

It is just as important to get to sleep every night as it is to stay awake. How well you sleep can affect your day.

A collection of quotes for good nights that will help you sleep peacefully no matter how stressful your day was.

Keep reading and have fun!

Good Night Quotes

Relax and let your worries go. Good night!

It's only good for those who want to wake up each morning filled with joy. Matthew Henry

It is possible to overcome despair and find hope by getting a good night's sleep.

Nighttime is the best time for work. Everyone else is asleep so all your ideas are yours. Catherine O'Hara

Your eyes are tired.

Do not think about me. Good night

As the night turns to day, you can close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

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Bright starry nights are bright, the stars are so bright. Have a wonderful night and have beautiful dreams.

Sweet Dreams airline is open to all passengers.

I was looking out the window and thought about the person that I love the most.

Good night, sweet sight! Keep me in your thoughts when you get bit by the mosquitoes! - Priyanshu Sing

Goodnight is more that just saying goodnight. "

Dreams combine fantasy and reality.

You're the reason I can close my eyes, dream and sleep. Luke Bryan

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Do not let the negativity and darkness of the outside world influence your inner world. Wait until morning.

These are some of the most well-known good night quotes

It's been difficult for me to get to sleep at night. It brings out my regrets.

I want to say goodnight, but I don’t know how.

No matter where you are, I will always keep you in my thoughts. Good night.

It is strange to think of you even though I am awake. D.J.

I dream, I sleep, and I dream about you all night. John Mayer

Get to bed, and when you get up, remember me as a friend who will never give up on you

Happy journey to the dream land.

Don’t let the good night go by. Instead, rage against darkness. Dylan Thomas

Get up and wash your feet.

Good night, dear!

I wish you all the best.

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Dear Customer. Your sleeping service has been activated. Have a peaceful night and enjoy sweet dreams.

I take what I have from my evenings with me to my nights, and I bring it with me to my night dreams. Good night - Priyanshu Sing

The shortest path must lead to the end. Harriet Beecher Stowe

Don’t lose sight of what you have. Take stock of what you already have, as the future is not certain.

This night is full of pain but I am still alive with the hope that the sun will come with that pinch of happiness I am wandering for...

Night is an amazing time to relax, forgive, smile and prepare for tomorrow's challenges.

These are some Good Night Quotes

Although we can't see it, the moon is always there. K. Tolnoe

Good night. I hope to see you again in my dreams.

Tonight, I will go to sleep with you in my heart. Good night.

Close your eyes and touch your heart. Make a wish. Good night.

Relax and let your mind drift off to the unknown.

Good night, goodnight! I will say goodnight until the morning. William Shakespeare

Remember to go to sleep with a goal in mind and to wake up with a vision. Good night.

You're my everything. Ralph Block

Get up each morning with determination. Get to bed satisfied.

You're the best thing I've ever seen. Taylor Swift

I fell for you like you would when you were falling asleep slowly. The Fault in Our Stars

All I want is to be there to wish you goodnight, not send this message. Unknown

This is the end, but there will soon be a new day. Bernard Williams

I will never forget you - Virginia Wolf

Good evening. Thanks to God for all his blessings. Let your worries go.

It's over. It's time to rest.

The Best Good Night Quotes

My Bella, sleep happy dreams. My only friend, you are the one who touched my heart. Edward Cullen

Good nights include good conversation and a good meal. Kirsty Galcher

I wish that I could hold your hand and give you a hug, instead of just sending you a "Good Night" message.

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This will be my last thought before I go to bed and the first thing I think of when I wake up.

As the night draws in, let your worries go.

The night has come, it's gone.It doesn't matter what it takes to be together.I wish that you have a peaceful night and good dreams. Debasish Mridha

Good night!Be grateful before you go to sleep.

Everyday, I have dreams of my dreams becoming reality.

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Good night. I wish you a restful night.

My dream for thousands of nights was to fall in love with you.

To get a good night's sleep, it is essential to work hard every day. William H. McRaven

Inspirational Good Night Quotes

Legend says that if you do not fall asleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream.

Start each day with a positive thought. There is always another chance to make tomorrow better.

My favourite thing about the night is the darkness.

Once upon a while, there was a boy who loved his girl, and her laughter was the question he wanted to live his entire life answering. Unknown

Sleep well, get up early, and be happy. Do the right thing in the morning light.

While I was walking, I noticed a chair and another fly by me. I thought, "Man! This is going to be an amazing night." " - Liam Gallagher

There is no heart like mine anywhere in the world.

Just a quick note to say good night sweet prince. I pray that the flight of angels brings you to your rest. Harry Dean Stanton

It could come back on Friday night. Amber Tamblyn

End the day with a positive outlook. It's a great way to end the day.

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You are the most caring, loving, tender, kind, and beautiful person I have ever met. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Every day is a new day.

I only want to say goodnight and not to send you this message.

Good Night Quotes for Love, Life & Family

Nature is alive, the moon is full, and night is dark. As we sleep, you are the only one missing.

I swear, I couldn't love you more than now. But I am certain that I will love you tomorrow.

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Remember how wonderful you are when you go to bed.

I dream every day of my dreams becoming a reality.

Now, take a look out of your window. Despite being separated at the moment we can still look up at the moon together.

Sleep is what binds our bodies together and keeps us healthy. Thomas Dekker

It seems like every hour is a lifetime.

I see the moon. The moon sees me and my friends, wherever they may be. Talk to you soon.

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Tell yourself something positive before you go to sleep every night.Good night!

Every night I wish the moon was bright and large. You will feel happy and right.

Would you mind if i kiss you?

I believe you can dream, but you must realize your dreams. I want to see you achieve all you want.

Every day I feel more in love with you than ever.

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I knew you were perfect, and I fell in love.

Before you go to bed, count your blessings and not your problems as you close this day. Catherine Pulsifer

I wish you a peaceful night and restful sleep. Kate Summers

Good night, sweet dreams, and may your tomorrow shine brightly! Kate Summers

The quiet hours at night are my favourite time of day. This is where blissful dreams can be realized. It is when blissful dreams can arise.

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