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It's a great way for people to see the world through a different perspective. To understand the history of who we are today and how it shaped our beliefs, we must learn from the past. These quotes are meant for inspiration and to remind us to look back at the past to help us live a better tomorrow.

A history quote is a great way to begin the day.

The history quotes can be used to inspire you, whether you are getting ready for an important meeting or just looking for some wisdom in your daily life.

This is the greatest collection of historical quotes and sayings.

History Quotes

We are not the makers of history. History is what makes us who we are- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The history is an early warning system- Norman Cousins

Time is my greatest enemy- Evita Peron

I prefer the dreams of the future to the history of past. - Thomas Jefferson

History is a collection of photos in which there are many copies and few originals. - Alexis de Tocqueville

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People who forget the past are bound to repeat it. - George Santayana

History is a collection of lies. - Napoleon Bonaparte

History, despite its pain and suffering, can never be forgotten. But, it is worth living again if you have the courage to face it. - Maya Angelou

It is an art to build Europe. It is the art and science of the possible- Jacques Chirac

One small group of committed spirits, motivated by an unquenchable faith and a strong desire to change the course of history can make a significant difference- Mahatma Gandhi

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Our greatest glory isn't in not falling but in rising each time we fall. - Confucius


We left the Old World following the light of the sun- Christopher Columbus

History is a collection of lies about events that never took place, told by people who were not there. - George Santayana

If I were to walk on the Potomac River's surface one morning, my headline would be: "President Can't Swim" - Lyndon B. Johnson

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It will never, never, and never again be the case that this beautiful country will experience oppression from one person to another. - Nelson Mandela

The Best History Quotes

History is the history of past events that people agree on. - Napoleon Bonaparte

Our progress does not depend on whether we increase the wealth of those who already have it, but rather whether we give enough to those who do not have as much. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

The past is not a burden on memory, but an illumination for the soul- John Dalberg-Acton

History is history, and people are caught in it. - James Baldwin

You have chosen to be neutral in cases of injustice if you do not choose the side of the oppressor. If you claim that you are neutral when an elephant touches the tail of a mouse's mouse, it will not appreciate you being neutral-Desmond Tutu

The most important lesson of all history is that men don't learn much from history- Aldous Huxley

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Few people will have the ability to alter history, but we can each change a portion of them. The total history of this generation will be written by all of those acts. - Robert Kennedy

The Bible is among the most genocidal and violent books in history- Noam Chomsky

Our borders are filled with peace, abundance, and contentment, and our country is a magnificent moral spectacle. - James K. Polk

History is what makes us who we are- David McCullough

The past is flexible and malleable, and can change as our memories interpret and re-explain what happened- Peter L. Berger

I am the result of history, time, and circumstance. But I'm also much more than that. We all are. - James Baldwin

Chaos can often breed life. Order breeds habits- Henry Adams

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History is nothing more than a record of human follies and crimes. - Edward Gibbon

Here are some short history quotes

Art evolves while history develops. - E. M. Forster

Revolutions are the engines of history- Karl Marx

You can make history. You already can- Marge Piercy

90% of my time is spent on the top 1% of the world-Colin Powell

Civilization is not a condition or movement, it's a journey and not an anchor. Arnold J- Toynbee

The poor think less of the rich than they do about the poor- Evita Peron

Legend: A lie that has achieved the dignity of old age. - H. L. Mencken

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History is nothing but a myth. - Napoleon Bonaparte

History doesn't really say goodbye. History never really says goodbye. - Eduardo Galeano

It is important to see history as an evolution of society- Jean Chretien

History is more bunk than it seems- Henry Ford

Britain needs an iron lady- Margaret Thatcher

Historian: A failed novelist. - H. L. Mencken

You will be able to see the truth if you read it again. - Black Elk

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History is a fascinating subject. All secrets of statecraft are found in history- Winston Churchill

It is impossible to defend freedom abroad if we abandon it at home. - Edward R. Murrow

The history of humanity is the history and ideas of man. - Luigi Pirandello

History is a continual repetition of the wrong way to live- Lawrence Durrell

That deafening shot awakened the nation- Corazon Aquino

As a tower that is firmly erected; Do not shake its top for any blast. - Dante Alighieri
History is God's vision on the move- Arnold J. Toynbee

History is the great dust-heap- Augustine Birrell

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It is a great historical book about history. - Dan Quayle

In World War II, we learned the importance of research. - Amar Bose

History repeats itself: first as tragedy, then as farce- Karl Marx

Historical Quotes about Equality

The past is only one long struggle to equality. - Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The greatest tragedy in this period of social change was not the strident clamors of the poor, but the utter silence of the good. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I enter into the peace of wild animals who don't tax their lives with the forethought and grief of grief... I am free to rest in the graces of the world. - Wendell Berry

When you live through history, it doesn't look like history- John W. Gardner

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The judiciary is the most expensive system ever created for finding out what has happened and how to fix it. Irving R. Kaufman

I came, I saw and I conquered. - Julius Caesar

Politicians use history to justify their actions. - Ted Koppel

True American sentiments recognize the dignity of labor, and honor is found in honest work- Grover Cleveland

I will make history, for it is my intention to write it- Winston Churchill

Be kind and just to all peoples. Peace and harmony should be encouraged with all- George Washington

The problem is that history will never accept the excuse. - Edward R. Murrow

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. - H. G. Wells

History can alter the past but God cannot- Samuel Butler

Long-term, we can expect religion to change the nature and reduce conflict. However, history does not support this possibility. Religious wars have been the bloodiest in history. - Richard M. Nixon

Tomorrow morning, get up early and start your day earlier than today. Do the best you can. Keep your hand on me because tomorrow I will have more to do than ever before and tomorrow my blood will flow above the breast- Joan of Arc

Making History Quotes

I prefer the future's dreams to the history of the present. - Thomas Jefferson

Mexico's history is full of great legends and fighters, and there will always be more. - Canelo Alvarez

Only God and history are my responsibility. - Francisco Franco

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History repeats itself. You might want to pay more attention- Quavo

It is important to create history and not just to write it. - Otto von Bismarck

To produce little literature, it takes a lot of history- Henry James

The history that you don't know is the only thing new in this world- Harry S Truman

The concept of objective truth is rapidly disappearing from the world. History will be filled with lies. - George Orwell

It is not about parodying history, but rather to create meaningful architecture. - Daniel Libeskind

Journalism is, in fact, history on the move- Thomas Griffith

History is not ours, but it belongs to us- Hans-Georg Gadamer

It's almost like looking at mountains. They look the same way when you first see them. Then time passes and the pattern of light changes. Perhaps you have changed your perspective, or maybe you have moved slightly- Mountains look different, even though they are the same- Robert Harris

If you don't take into account people's attitudes, even something as bizarre as the monarchy, it won't last. People won't want it if they don't need it- Prince Charles

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We would all be more at risk if the world were not armed with nuclear weapons- Margaret Thatcher

We spend far too much time focusing on the past twenty-four hours, and not enough on the past six thousand years- Will Durant

Historical Quotes about Learning, Hope & Struggle

The pace of life is fast. Learn from your past to help you move forward. - Eddie Vedder

There are many historical times and places that I don't know much about. It's always surprising to me how fascinating they are. - Andrew Stanton

History teaches us more than we do from it. - George Santayana

Open markets are the only real hope of lifting billions of people from poverty in developing countries while maintaining prosperity in the industrialized world. - Kofi Annan

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We don't need tradition. We want to live in today. The only history that matters is the one we create today- Henry Ford

History is always changing. It will either lead to hope or tragedy- George W. Bush

Many of the most horrific crimes in history weren't caused by hatred but by indifference. These crimes were the result of people who could have done more but didn't bother to lift a finger. Don't delay. Get out and vote. Vote. - Yuval Noah Harari

All previous societies have been shaped by class struggles- Karl Marx

Be honest. Science, technology, wealth are all ours. We don't have the will to make history accept it- Bono

History teaches us more than we do from it! -Desmond Tutu

History is only a question of one's internal struggle. That is the beauty of it. You don't have to discover Americas or conquer countries, but you can do as much work as Alexander or Columbus- D. H. Lawrence

People follow the longest paths possible, go off-track to many dead ends and make all sorts of mistakes. History writers write summaries and make this seem like a straight line- Dean Kamen

History is only a question of one's internal struggle. That is the beauty of it. You don't have to discover Americas or conquer countries, but you can do as much work as Alexander or Columbus- D. H. Lawrence

Human history is not the result of rational thought. It is the product of emotions - our hopes, our prides, our greed and our desire to retaliate. - Lin Yutang

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