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Nature is a beautiful thing. It brings us joy, fresh air, and lots of other things. These are some of the many benefits of nature.

nature quotes will allow you to recharge your mind and soul.

Enjoy the natural sounds of nature if you are a lover of it. Meditation can help you understand and control your body.

Nature quotes can help you be a positive wife.

Our nature is not important to anyone. People who lived during the ancient age. They lived for as long as 200 years.

Today, however, no one lives for more than 80 years. This is due to pollution, heavy construction and tree cutting.

I want to remind you that we all share this planet. Please stop destroying trees and polluting the earth.

These are the best nature quotes I have found.Quotes about nature.

These nature quotes are great to share with family and friends.

Nature Quotes

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. - Albert Einstein

Nature is a constant combination of very few laws and endless repetitions of them. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Human nature is to not know the answers but to wonder why. H.P. Lovecraft

Nature is slow, but everything can be done. - Lao Tzu

Patience is the secret to living at the pace of nature. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not forget that the earth loves to touch your feet and the wind longs to play with your hair. - Khalil Gibran

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The mountains call and I must go. John Muir

Nature's most precious gift is joy in looking at and understanding. - Albert Einstein


To be soothed, healed, and have my senses reordered, I go to the natural world. John Burroughs

The best refreshment is to sit in the shade and gaze upon the green hills. - Jane Austen

Human spirit requires places in which nature is not rearranged by man. Author Unknown

Flowers are the most beautiful thing God made. He never forgot to give them a soul. Henry Ward Beecher

Nature is never in hurry. Atom by atom she accomplishes her tasks. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The primary color of the universe, green is where its beauty comes from. - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

My desire to harness nature's forces to serve humanity is my driving force in everything I do. Nikola Tesla

Nature loves simplicity. - Isaac Newton


Nature hates change. He will rarely leave his home until it is overturned. - Vanessa Hudgens

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Contrapuntal experience demands that each note have a past and future on the horizontal plane. Glenn Gould

Nothing I wouldn't do for my true friends is worth it. I don't believe in loving people by half, that is not my nature. Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

If a man is removed from nature, his heart will become hard. - Lakota proverb

Nature can make a man feel burdened by his differences, but it also gives him the power to do so. - John Fire Lame Deer

Natural science is the best tool to achieve freedom in the natural world. It can be used to conquer and change nature and gain freedom from it. Mao

You can find the ocean in all colors: blue, grey, white or black. - H. P. Lovecraft

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Even if one tree fell, it wouldn't have any impact on the whole forest. - Chen Shui-bian

Without modification or discrimination, the absence of thought is unmodifiable. It is the true nature all dharmas. It is the unimaginable, no-thought hood

Only enjoyment of objects that are naturally suited to our various passions, desires, and affections is the definition of happiness or satisfaction. Joseph Butler

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Keep a fire going. You can be unstoppable. You are the only one. You are on your own. Cristina Yang

The deepest desire of human nature is to be loved. William James

Trees love to swing and toss; it makes such happy sounds. Emily Carr

I am just another insect in the windshield of life. Don Mashak.

Music can bring you a sense of joy that is unmatched by human nature. - Confucius

Today I am a success because I had a friend who believed and supported me, and I didn’t have the heart not to disappoint him - Abraham Lincoln

You can make your dreams come true. Nature wouldn't allow us to dream without that possibility. John Updike

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One might hope to see larks when the sky falls. - Francois Rabelais

Camping is nature's way to promote the motel industry. Dave Barry

Everything you see that is man-made was once someone's dream. Someone dreamed of something that didn't exist in nature. Amy Grant

While human action can be altered to a certain extent, it is impossible to change the nature of humanity. Abraham Lincoln

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The honey bees will love the fragrant flowers of the brier rose. Letitia Elizabeth Lando

Nature uses a kiss to stop people from speaking when they feel the words are too important. Ingrid Bergman

Not the one to whom we are most vulnerable, but the one to whom our best qualities are displayed is our closest friend. Nathaniel Hawthorne

Prayer is not meant to influence God but to alter the nature of those who pray. - Soren Kierkegaard

We were given one tongue by nature and two ears by the mother earth so that we could hear twice as well as speak. Epictetus

As I lay in the Forest, I hear the Wind whispering Love and I feel one with Nature. - Lee Hiller London

The forest isn't so much admired for its beauty as it is for the subtle quality of air that emanates from old trees that transforms and renews a tired spirit. - Robert Louis Stevenson

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I won't follow the path, but I'll go where there's no path. I will also leave a trail. - Muriel Strode

Plant my feet in rich soil if I need to be rooted. Let my womanly flesh harden into bark and let my limbs, strong in evergreen sleeves, reach for the sun. - Jane Elle Glasser

The Best Mother Nature Quotes

It is easy to forget how to cultivate the soil and dig the earth. Mahatma Gandhi

A forest wilderness is the best way to see the Universe. John Muir

Peace is found in the mountains. - Priyanshu Singh

Heaven is both under and above our heads. Henry David Thoreau

Nature is both poetic in its essence and tragic in its fate. It's all comic. - George Santanaya

Nature is always a reflection of its spirit. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Don't play with nature otherwise, karma has no deadline. - Priyanshu Singh

I am led into the forest to find my mind, and my soul. John Muir

Nature's imagination is far more powerful than man's. I believe she will never allow us to relax. - Richard Feynman

There is no heaven on earth, but there are parts of it. - Jules Renard

Life's goal is to make your heart beat match the beats of the universe. To match your Nature with Nature, that is the goal of life. Joseph Campbell

My window is filled with morning glory, which I find more satisfying than the metaphysics of reading. Walt Whitman

Nature's most precious gift is its ability to give us the pleasure of looking around and trying to understand what we see. - Albert Einstein

Then, there is nature, art, and poetry. And if that isn't enough, then what? Unknown

Do not judge your day by what you harvest, but rather by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevenson

I went for a walk through the woods, and was taller than the trees. Henry David Thoreau

The repeated repetitions of nature's words can bring about healing. It is the assurance that there will be a new day after dark, and a new spring after winter. Rachel Carson

Nature invites us to be who we are all the time. - Gretel Ehrlich

Man has struggled with nature for most of human history. In this century, he is realizing that he must preserve it in order to survive. - Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Feel the sun and wind on your face if you want to feel the divine. - Buddha

The Best Quotes about Nature

Man is the most insane of all species. He worships an invisble God and destroys a visible Nature. He is unaware that the God he worships is destroying this Nature. Hubert Reeves
Get good fortune by climbing the mountains. Nature's peace will flow into your life like sunlight into trees. You will be blown by the winds and storms with their freshness, and your cares will fall like autumn leaves. John Muir
People who live on a planet that doesn't have flowers might think we are mad to have such joy. Iris Murdoch
My lungs felt like they were expanding from the constant flow of scenery, air, mountains, trees, and people. I thought, "This is how it feels to be happy." Sylvia Plath
One thing is certain about the centuries of dominance by the factory and wheel: the machine can produce everything, from spoons to landing-crafts, but a natural joy in earthly life is something it will never be able to make. Henry Beston
Spread a fern-frond on a man's head, and all worldly worries are gone. Then freedom, beauty, and peace will enter. John Muir
Miracles don't happen in contradiction to nature, but rather in contradiction to what we know about it. St Augustine
God Almighty planted the first garden. It is indeed the purest human pleasure. Francis Bacon
If you plant a seed for love, it will bloom. - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
The best refreshment is to sit in the shade during a sunny day and gaze upon verdure. - Jane Austen
Nature is a haunted place, but Art-is a haunted house. Unknown Author
Abstraction is real and probably more real than natural. Josef Albers
We owe it all to the spirits of the island that we have come to learn to let it end as Mother Nature intended. To eat the snake. Sue Haw
Bitcoin's nature is such that the core design of Bitcoin was established for its entire life. - Satoshi Nakamoto
Nature is a source of learning and beauty. Quotes - Manakala Villa

Keep a fire going. You can be unstoppable. You are the only one. You are on your own. Cristina Yang

Human nature is wired to seek out the good in all things. - Mia Kirshner

The scientific method's real purpose is to verify that you are not being misled by Nature into believing you know something. - Robert Pirsig, Zen
It is a common human impulse to please everyone and be loved by all. It is normal for people to feel negative emotions, have aggressive impulses and criticize others. R. Greene

You will find beauty everywhere if you love nature. Laura Ingalls Wilder

Poverty is a chokehold that strangles humility, and breeds disdain for God and men. - Sioux Proverb

The difference between the way humans think and nature is what causes the major problems around the globe. Gregory Bateson

A democracy's nature is characterized by the ability of citizens to criticize mistakes and problems. - Walter Ulbricht

I went for a short walk, but decided to go out until sundown. Going out was actually going in, which was why I decided to stay out. John Muir

Every moment of the year is unique. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every sunset holds the promise of a fresh dawn. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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