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These are some grief quotes that you can share with someone grieving. There are many signs and symptoms of grief. Grief is a natural response when there is loss.

It's a process that typically includes emotional, physical, cognitive, and social reactions. Any type of loss can trigger grief.

It's difficult to understand how to support someone grieving. Grief is such an intimate experience. There are many ways to offer support.

It can be difficult to know how to comfort someone in grief. It can be difficult to know how to speak about the loss of someone you care about. It's hard to let the person know you are there for them. But you don't know how to make them feel less isolated.

These grief quotes will help you decide what to do when you aren't sure what to do.

Grief Quotes

To weep means to lessen the pain of grief-William Shakespeare

Hazel, grief does not make you better. It reveals you- John Green

It is impossible to live in hearts that we leave behind, but it is possible to live in them. - Thomas Campbell

You don't have to be perfect because you are grieving. It is what makes you human- Sarah Dessen

We pay the price for our love with grief- Queen Elizabeth

It is impossible for me to allow a relative or friend to go to that country without permission.

I feel empty without you in my arms. I find myself looking for you in the crowds - even though I know it's impossible, I can't help but feel it. - Nicholas Sparks

Do not grieve. Everything you lose is made up in another way- Rumi

The closer God is to you, the darker the night and the brighter the stars, if there is any grief. - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Grief can take on many forms, but it will never end- Keanu Reeves

Action is the only way to end grief -George Henry Lewes

We can never lose what we once loved and enjoyed deeply. All that we love deeply becomes part us. - Helen Keller

The Best Quotes about Grief

Love is not willing to let go of grief- Earl A. Grollman

I answered the heroic question "Death, where's thy sting?" with "It is here in mine heart, mind and memories." - Maya Angelou

Friendship can improve happiness and alleviate misery by doubling our joy and dividing our grief. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Here's my knowledge: Death abducts the dead, but grief steals those who are left behind- Katherine Owen

People who can love deeply are the only ones who can suffer great sorrow. However, this same need to love serves to heal their grief. - Leo Tolstoy

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The memory of joy in current grief is more painful than any pain. - Aeschylus

We remember them at the blueness of our skies and the heat of summer. - Sylvan Kamens

God gave us memory to allow us to have December roses- J.M. Barrie

It's clear that we must pay the price for our love by suffering- E.A. Bucchianeri

My close friend is disbelief, and my companion is anger- Unknown

Tears for someone else are not an indication of weakness. They are an indication of a pure heart- Jose N. Harris

Life is full on grief to the extent that we love others. - Orson Scott Card

You and I will meet in the garden of memories, or the palace of dreams. - The Mad Hatter

A collection of quotes about grief and loss

Your grief journey is yours and only you can navigate it. No one can understand it- Terri Irwin

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss. It was an instinctive feeling. Your pain will increase if you keep your grief in check. - Anne Grant

I have never heard anyone tell me grief feels like fear- C.S. Lewis

There is no happy ending. The saddest part of a story is the end, so give me a happy middle. - Shel Silverstein

You may not be aware that a man can still be called his name even though he isn't physically dead- Terry Pratchett

Although they say that time heals all injuries, this assumes that the source of the grief can never be fixed. - Cassandra Clare

The art of living is all about letting go and holding onto. - Havelock Ellis

Without you, there is a void in my heart. I find myself looking for you in the crowds - even though I know it's impossible, I can't help but feel it. - Nicholas Sparks

You would not be able to see the beauty of the canyons if you didn't protect them from windstorms. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

It is so hard to care that you feel like you are going to die from the pain. - J.K. Rowling

There are two types of grief. The first is the loss. The second is the remaking life. - Anne Roiphe

I pray that every night I fall asleep, and that my grief will never be the same again each morning. - Franz Schubert

The whole world is empty when one person is gone. - Pat Schwiebert

Words are not enough when grief is the most intense. - Ann Voskamp

It's a rollercoaster ride - grief can be up or down. Sometimes, emotions take control. Brent Sexton

Grief And Memories Quotes

Keep walking, keep your hope alive and you will never be alone. Rodgers and Hammerstein

Sometimes one person is missing and the entire world seems empty. - Alphonse de Lamartine

Although grief isn't as heavy as guilt it can take more from you. - Veronica Roth

It is madness to have too much grief for the deceased. The dead do not know this. - Xenophon

Grief can be a burden but it can also be an anchor. The weight will eventually become a part of your daily life, and you learn to accept it- Sarah Dessen

Joy is something we want to share. - Sylvan Kamens

There is no such thing as grief that doesn't speak- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You gave me a forever within numbered days... John Green

I learned that grief is a journey. You have to be patient and take each day as it comes. Then, you can find joy in the midst of heartbreak. - Adrienne C. Moore

Even though grief is still fresh, any attempt to distract from it only makes things worse. It is best to wait until the grief has been fully digested before you can enjoy it- Samuel Johnson

Everybody benefits from a great soul. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again. - Maya Angelou

Although you don't have to grieve all the time, the grief is there and will always be. - Nigella Lawson

Sometimes deep grief can feel almost like a particular location on a map. It is impossible to imagine how you can ever get out of that forest of sadness. Sometimes, hope can be found in the assurance that someone has been there before and is now moving on. - Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Grief Quotes on Death

I cannot keep running from grief to high delight indefinitely. J.D. Salinger

She was always there for me, and I knew it. I would search for clues to her in books and poems, looking for the echoes of her, the bits of breath, the silken ties that said, 'Look, she existed. - Meghan O’Rourke

Remember the people you love most- Unknown

The pain is gone, but the beauty stays. - Henri Matisse

Tears are the silent language for grief. - Voltaire

To get through grief and to hold on to life and allow it to pull you forward takes courage. - Patti Davis

Keep me close to your heart and I will always be there for you if there is ever a time when we cannot be together. - A.A. Milne

They may not be the stars of the sky but are openings that allow our loved ones to shine down to let them know they are happy.

Sometimes life seems like a series losses from beginning to end. This is the truth. What you do with the losses and what you make of it, that's what you need to learn as you go. - Katharine Weber

You can't avoid grief at any cost if you don't have total detachment. This will prevent you from experiencing happiness. - Erich Fromm

It's a very strange thing to experience grief; it can be so overwhelming. It's almost like a door that opens by itself. We can only shiver as the room gets colder. It opens less and less every time. One day, we wonder what it is doing. Arthur Golden

Deep Grief Quotes about Life

Everyone carries their sorrows and burdens- Elizabeth Edwards

My father did not tell me how to live. He lived it and let me observe him. - Clarence Budington Kelland

Grief is a medicine in itself- William Cowper

At some point, even grief can seem absurd. At this point, even grief feels absurd- Alice Walker

Apprehension is more limited than grief. Grief, however, has no limits. We grieve for only what we know happened, but we fear everything that could happen- Pliny the Elder

She wasn't battling the grief anymore, but she could now sit with it as a companion and share her thoughts. - George Eliot

We may thank God that we can feel pain and know sadness, for these are the human sentiments that constitute our glory as well as our grief. - Eugene Kennedy

No matter how much you try to soothe it, grief has a way to fade away. V.C. Andrews

The most sacred holidays are those that we keep to ourselves: The secret anniversaries-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Humans are able to feel emotion and spontaneity. There is a dichotomy in happiness and grief- Morena Baccarin

Everyone grieves in different ways. It could take more time for some than others. It never goes away, but I know that it does not disappear. An ember still smolders inside me. It's not something I notice most days. But, occasionally, it will flare up. - Maria V. Snyder

The heels of pleasure lead to grief; we are married in haste and regret at our mistakes- William Congreve

Some people bring light to the world in a way that is so profound, even after they are gone, the light will still be there.

Her absence is like the sky spreading over everything- C.S. Lewis

Two hearts are closer together when grief is experienced; common sorrows can be stronger than common joys. - Alphonse de Lamartine

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