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Everybody has their own way of thinking, which is why people have different opinions about different topics. Like on food, movie, insurance, health, or more. People are reluctant to share their unpopular opinions with friends or followers on social media. People sometimes share their bizarre or funny opinions. This is a collection of crazy and unpopular opinions. This is a collection of really good, unpopular opinions.

Unpopular Opinions

Love between small and tall men is unbreakable

Strawberries are given more credit than they deserve.

Beer from a can tastes strange

It's not disrespectful to go out with a tracksuit on a date.

Pickle juice is delicious and nutritious.

Superman is superior to batman

The taste of soda fountain coke is different from a can over ice.

Vegetables are better that desserts

It is an inordinate chore to make the bed.

I cannot eat pizza with tomato sauce.

It is disgusting to eat chocolate ice cream.

It is possible to make room-temperature butter.

I hate avocados, but I love guacamole.

Strong bones are not made of milk.

It's not so amazing that long walks on the beach can be listed in every man's Tinder bio as the perfect date.

It is better to shower at night than in the morning.

It's better to be warm than cold.

Listening to sad songs doesn't mean I am not feeling it.

Brunch isn't bad, but it is wildly overrated.

It's fine to fart in front your partner lol.

People are cheap and will not settle for less.

An automatic license can be as effective as a manual licence.

Powerpoint is dead.

Ketchup is not to be trusted.

Vanilla ice cream tastes better than chocolate

It is really, truly wrong to put nuts in chocolate.

If you are socially accepted, "being yourself" in public is possible only.

The most satisfying thing is picking your nose.

Smartphones are the most dangerous devices you have ever seen.

Capes should be worn at work by pharmacists.

It's easy to travel long distances with the right person.

It is much more comfortable to sit down than to stand in the rain shower.

High school is too romanticized, and it sets unrealistic expectations for teens.

It is rude and strange to ask younger family members if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

I love severe weather.

Don't act as if you don't care. Maintain that same energy.

Rare steak sucks.

It is difficult to look people in the eye while talking to them.

It was a great excuse.

Papier straw is really bad.

Many people want to find love so badly that they neglect to learn and love themselves.

Liver is beautiful and one of the most underrated foods.

Watermelon is disgusting.

I don't like Nutella.

Parenting too protectively is a problem that does not get enough attention.

Water is better than soft/sugary beverages.

People are too focused on the business of others.

Tea is a great choice.

The crust of a pizza should be eaten by people over 12 years of age.

It's not rude to ask a girl her ages.

It's not enough frosting if the frosting is higher than the cupcake.

Reading is something that almost everyone enjoys, but it's a skill that schools quickly destroy.

You guys don’t want to learn taxes. They just want to complain.

What's the point of a relationship if the ultimate goal isn't to get married and be committed for life? It's not what I want.

Vanilla ice cream is simply divine.

Bacon is good, but it tastes like... stfu. It isn't that good. Is there a bacon mania? What's the deal with insane bacon mania?

You should not be able to control your child in public places.

They shouldn't use skin-colored Emojis, and should stick with yellow.

It is often overrated.

It is better to have small parties than large ones.

Trailers are what I like before the movie begins at the cinema.

Plastic surgery does not make you look fake.

I kinda enjoy getting mosquito bites.

It is an underrated skill to know when to keep your mouth shut.

Barbecue sauce is better than ketchup.

When I wash my hands, I like to get my sleeves wet.

I am tired of people saying that money doesn't buy happiness.

It is normal to laugh at your own jokes.

Metric measurements should be used in all recipes.

Strict parents raise good liars.

It is absurd to brag about how little you get in sleep at college.

It's nice to sleep in jeans

What works for one couple may not work for another. It is important to share the experience of learning new things with your partner.

The next generation should find it much easier than the one before them.

It is not worth your time to argue with people online.

Many people who are ugly don't actually look ugly, they just don’t take proper care of themselves.

It doesn't matter if you are single.

It's very pleasant to fly on planes.

Stop motion is an under-appreciated art. It's comparable to music and drawing.

Popcorn is bad and underrated.

Covering your face in photos makes you cooler.

Ice cream is always a good idea.

Gin is trendy and people drink it.

Dark chocolate digestives are superior to milk chocolate.

Marriage is no longer a viable option.

Do not tell anyone if you are having a fight with your partner.

I hate dumplings.

It's not as good as cake.

Mashed Potato is the most disgusting invention ever made.

The most grossest habit is to lick your fingers while handling paperwork.

Scholarships are more important for academically-minded children than for those who excel in sports.

Follow your passion. Follow the money.

True love is not possible. It is better to settle for the average.

American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup taste better than English pancakes.

Self-acceptance and self-improvement are key.

Jamie Oliver is the most annoying man on Earth.

99 percent of online marketing advice works only if you are marketing what you sell.

There is no Honeymoon phase. If you are in love, there's no need to be in that stage. After the first few months, you don't "lose the lovey-dovey" feeling.

Pineapple on pizza.

People who make a connection with you and then send a big message full of bollocks and waffle.

Strawberries can be disgusting.

Weddings of white people are monotonous and dull in all aspects.

Coldplay is overrated.

Salted caramel chocolate makes balls taste better

The open office environment can be a breeding ground of germs.

The Earth is a flat disc.

People call themselves "Influencers", but what they do to influence others is post a few meaningless words every week to inspire.

Poetry is 99% suck.

The reality of a relationship is not what fairytales portray.

People who connect with you, then message you several times per week to say "Hi" and "How are you?"

My opinion, which is not popular, is that atheism can't be functionally embraced by a human consciousness.

Many people think that it's cool to be there 24/7, but this is unhealthy. Ppl need to have their own space.

People who are not yet able to live in the real world and work a real job, paying their bills, and dictating how others should live their lives.

Reality stars are not stars. People claim to be stars, so why are they claiming to be? Considering they have not been gifted, why do they seem to be doing well financially?

Happily married, happy life is not code. Let her have your happiness at the expense of yours.

It seems to me that every religion has the exact same God, but they don’t know how pronounce his name.

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