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These are some of the most famous quotes by Confucius. Confucius had many ideas about how to live life. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher (551-479 BC), had lots to say about living a life that was meaningful.

He was an expert in all things, good and bad, as well as how to navigate the grey areas between. His quotes are still relevant today so it's not surprising I have compiled a list of his most profound and wise words.

Here are some of the most inspirational quotes from Confucius that you can use as a guide in your daily life.

Confucius Quotes

Three things can't be kept secret: the sun and moon, as well as the truth. - Confucius

Beauty is everywhere, but not everybody sees it. - Confucius

It is wrong to go beyond. - Confucius

Our greatest glory isn't in not falling but in rising each time we fall. - Confucius

As long as you don't stop, it doesn't matter how slow you go. - Confucius

Go with all of your heart wherever you go. - Confucius

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Roads were meant to be used for journeys and not for destinations. - Confucius

We insist on complicating life. - Confucius

We must feel sorrow but not be crushed by its oppression. - Confucius

True knowledge is the ability to know both what you know and what it is not. - Confucius

If anger rises, consider the consequences. - Confucius

It is disgraceful to be rich and respected in an unjust society. - Confucius

The one who has all the answers is not the one who has been asked all the questions. - Confucius

Remember, you're always right there, no matter where your travels take you. - Confucius

Only the most intelligent and foolish of men can change. - Confucius

Your way of cutting meat is a reflection of your life. - Confucius

Man who moves a mountain starts by moving small stones. - Confucius

If you want to define the future, study the past. - Confucius

The only way to truly know one's ignorance is to be able to recognize it. - Confucius

Confucius' Most Famous Quotes

The superior man looks for himself, while the smaller man seeks out others.

The desire to get things done quickly hinders the ability to do them properly.

A diamond with flaws is better than a pebble with one. - Confucius

The funniest people are the saddest ones. - Confucius


Sincerity is the path to heaven.

Truth is the object of superior men.

Don't wish for yourself what you don't want for others.

Facing what is right and refusing to do it shows that you lack courage.

Dig two graves before you set out on a journey to vengeance.

To understand yourself is the key to wisdom.

As if you weren't reaching your goal, and as if it were possible to miss it.

What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.

If you don't remember what it was, being wronged is not an option.

Perfect virtue is the practice of five things in all situations. These five are gravity and generosity of spirit, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

It is a lack of courage or principle to see the right thing and not do it.

The Top Confucius Quotes

Success is dependent on prior preparation. Without preparation, failure is certain.

Don't force others to do what you don't want.

The disruption of a great project could be caused by a lack of patience with trivial matters.

A fool is someone who asks questions for a second, but a fool is someone who doesn't ask for anything for a lifetime.

First principles are faithfulness and sincerity.

Straight-forwardness, without the rules of propriety, becomes rudeness.

Never give a sword or a dance partner a sword.

If you are inspired by a positive person, try to be like them. Reflect on your weaknesses when you see someone who is not as good.

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It is impossible to open a book and not learn something.

I hear and forget, I see, I remember, I do, and I understand.

Love is like a delicious spice. It can make your life sweeter, but it can also ruin it.

The integrity of the family is the foundation of strength in a nation.

Instead of attacking the evil in others, attack the evil within yourself.

The true gentleman doesn't preach what he does until he has done what he preaches.

Silence is a friend that never leaves.

Good thoughts are the best for the whole world.

Truth is made great by man, and not truth that makes him great.

You will be able to unlock your potential for personal excellence if you have the will to win, the desire and the drive to succeed.

Sincerity and faith are the most important qualities.

The three most universally acknowledged moral qualities of men are wisdom, compassion, and bravery.

Inspirational Quotes by Confucius

One step is all it takes to travel 1000 miles.

Do not make a friend with someone who isn't better than you.

Cowardice is to see the right but not to do it.

It is difficult to find a black cat within a darkened room, especially if you don't have one.


First, order and harmony must exist within your mind. This order will then spread to your family, your community, and eventually your whole kingdom. Only then can you have peace and harmony.

Sincerity refers to the act of self-completion, and it is the way that man must guide himself.

We can learn wisdom by three methods: The first is by reflecting, which we find noblest, the second is by imitation which is the easiest, and the third is by experiencing, which is bitterest.

Music is a source of joy that human nature can't do without.

Superior men know what is right, while inferior men understand what will sell.

You will never achieve anything if you do not try hard enough.

Each man will be my teacher if I walk with two men. I will learn from the positive points and follow their example. Then, I will correct the mistakes and pick out the best parts of each other.

Men are almost identical by nature; but, practice makes them different.

True goodness comes from the heart of a man. All men are born good.

Do not let a leader lead you on a bad path.

You can successfully force people to follow a certain course, but you cannot force them to understand it.

The superior man is composed and happy; the average man is constantly in distress.

Poverty is not something to be ashamed of in a well-governed country. Wealth is something to be ashamed in a country that is poorly managed.

Plant a seed if you can think about it in terms one year. If you think in terms ten years, plant trees. If you think 100 years, then teach the people.

Short Confucius Quotes

After the lights have been turned on, anyone can locate the switch.

Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.

One joy can dispel a hundred worries.

You are what your thoughts make.

People who are good at building themselves up will be more successful.

Humility is the foundation of all virtues.

A person can love something if they want it to live.

The greatest warrior is the one who conquers him.

Do not make friends with people who are different from you.

Words are the voice in the heart.

The one who refuses to economize will be forced to suffer.

A lion chased my up a tree and I enjoyed the view from the top.

If you want to see the future, study the past.

Uninstructed people can be led to war by throwing them away.

They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.

Superior men are modest in their speech, but superior in their actions.

What is the difference between men and beasts if there are no feelings of respect?

Is there a love that doesn't make demands on its object of affection?

It is difficult for someone who doesn't speak with modesty to communicate his thoughts well.

Do not be ashamed of your mistakes.

Deep Confucius Quotes

We should look inwards when we are confronted by men who have a different outlook.

Ah, music! I hear thee calling, and I come.

The intelligent person with whom neither slander slowly soaks into the brain nor statements that startle like a wound on the flesh is successful can be called intelligent.

It is better to like something than to know it. It is better to love something than it is to rejoice in it.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

To hold that you know something, and to let go of the knowledge that you don't know it, is called knowledge.

I dreamt that life was beautiful, and I fell asleep. I woke up to find life is work.

Ignorance is the night that the mind cannot see, but it is a night without star and moon.

A bowl of rice will provide enough food for one man. You can save his life by teaching him how to grow rice.

It's easy to hate, but it's hard to love. This is the way things work. Good things can be hard to attain, but bad things are easy to obtain.

You must make time to read, no matter how busy or unproductive you think you are.

Virtue cannot be left alone. It is a virtue that can be practiced by all.

You can only get out through the door. This is why no one uses it.

There are three levels of filial piety. The highest level is to be a credit to your parents; the second is not disgracing their parents; the lowest is to simply being able to support them.

A mistake is when you make a mistake but don't correct it.

Do not complain about snow on neighbor's roof if your own house isn't clean.

It is dangerous to study without reflecting.

Confucius Quotes

You must let go of what it means for you to be happy or content to truly be happy.

Respect is required for a youth. How can we be sure that his future is not the same as ours?

It is important to remember the age of your parents, for both joy and anxiety.

I want you to be everything that's you, deep at the center of your being.

Thinking is the opposite of learning. Learning is hard work.

Education is the key to confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

If the multitude hates a man it is time to inquire. However, if the multitude likes him, it is also time for inquiry.

It is best to learn it as if you will never master it.

A gentleman who isn't serious will not be respected and his learning won't be on a solid foundation. He regards loyalty and faithfulness as fundamental and has no friends other than him. When he makes mistakes, he doesn't fear admitting to them.

I have never seen anyone who loved virtue or hated anything that was not virtuous. A person who loved virtue would not consider anything else.


Life's expectations are dependent on diligence. The mechanic who wants to perfect his work must first sharpen the tools.

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