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These are some of the most famous Marcus Aurelius quotes. Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor, was alive from 161 AD to 180 AD.

His work, "Meditations", is still very popular today. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest Stoic philosophers.

Stoicism is a philosophy that encourages one to live in harmony with his natural talents and accept what one can't control. His life and work are an excellent example of Stoicism.

Below is the list of inspiring Marcus Aurelius Quotes, also you can read some related topics such as Maya Angelou Quotes.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes

Every word we hear is an opinion and not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective and not the truth. - Marcus Aurelius

The less we can control the things we don't value, the more we will be able to control them. - Marcus Aurelius

Do not waste time debating about what a man should be. Be one. - Marcus Aurelius

Your happiness is dependent on the quality of your thoughts. - Marcus Aurelius

You control your mind, not external events. Realize this, and you will find strength. - Marcus Aurelius

Life is precious. The fruit of your life is a good character that acts for the common good. - Marcus Aurelius

To love only the good that happens. There is no greater harmony. - Marcus Aurelius

Admire the beauty and wonder of your life. See the stars and imagine yourself running alongside them. - Marcus Aurelius

Consider how precious it is to wake up in the morning and be alive. To breathe, to think, enjoy, to love. - Marcus Aurelius

A man should not fear death, but the possibility of never living again. - Marcus Aurelius

Every act in your life should be taken as a final act.

It's not the events that cause people to be disturbed, but their judgments about them. - Marcus Aurelius

The best way to get revenge is not to be like the one who caused the injury. - Marcus Aurelius

Your life should be lived in truth and justice. Be open to the possibility of being wrong. - Marcus Aurelius

The color of your thoughts can dye your soul. - Marcus Aurelius

Accept the fate that binds and love those who bring you together. But do it with all your heart. - Marcus Aurelius

We only live now. Everything else has either been or is unknown. - Marcus Aurelius

Accept yourself as you are. - Marcus Aurelius

Your thoughts are what make your life. - Marcus Aurelius

We all need what nature provides when it gives it to us. - Marcus Aurelius

The person who persists in self-deception or ignorance is the one who is hurt. - Marcus Aurelius

External pain can cause distress, but not the thing in itself. You have the power to revise this at any time. - Marcus Aurelius

Evil is not natural. - Marcus Aurelius

What has the abuser gained by his invective if someone responds to insults like a rock? - Marcus Aurelius

It is amazing how bizarre and strange it can be to be amazed at everything that happens in life. - Marcus Aurelius

A person who is grounded in their lives shouldn't need to look for approval from others. - Marcus Aurelius

Famous Marcus Aurelius Quotes

Do not do it if you don't believe it.

Here's a rule you should remember for the future: When something tempts to make you bitter, it's not 'This is a misery' but 'To bear with this worthily is good luck.

You can forget about your injury.

There is no escape from his destiny. The next question is how to best live the time he has.

A rock is thrown into the air. It does not lose anything by falling, and gains nothing by rising.

To live a happy life, you only need to think positively.

First, don't worry. Nature controls it all.

When you're about to point out faults with someone, ask yourself this question: Which fault of mine is most similar to the one I am going to critique?

You are the only one who can bring about true good fortune. Good luck is characterized by a positive character, good intentions and good actions.

It is not important to be on the right side of the majority. The goal of life is to avoid being among the insane.

There is no place that can offer a more tranquil or untroubled refuge than the inside of his own heart.

Do not let your mind wander about what you do not have, but what you do have.

For those who understand existence, almost nothing is necessary to live a happy life.

Start - To begin is half of the work. Let half remain.

First, keep an open mind. The second rule is to see things clearly and understand them as they are.

When a man does a good deed, he doesn't call for others to see it. He continues to do another act just like a vine that produces more grapes every season.

Everything happens just the way it should. If you pay attention, you'll see this.

Stop honoring externals and stop making yourself a tool of mere matter or people who can deny or supply you with those things for God's sake.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes about Leadership

Do not act inconsiderately, or without a purpose. Your acts should only be used to achieve a social purpose.

The things we do now echo in eternity.

This is a good rule to keep in mind for the future when you feel the need to be bitter. It is not "This is a loss," but "To bear it worthily is good luck."

Don't dream of what you don't have. Instead, think about the most important blessings that you do have and then, thankfully, remember what you would want if they weren't yours.

He was never patronized or placed in a position of patronizing anyone. A sense of humor.

My task is to be kind, no matter what others say or do.

In your actions, don't procrastinate, In your conversations, don't confuse, In your thoughts, don't wander, In your soul, don't be passive or aggressive, In your life, don't be all about business.

Every day brings its own gift.

All victory is possible through the organization of the unobvious.

The ambitions of a man are more important than his worth.

It is the responsibility of leadership to work intelligently with what is given, and not waste time fantasizing about a world of flawless people and perfect choices.

The bees don't like anything that isn’t healthy for their hive.

Your everlasting readers are perhaps more ignorant or lazy than you.

Avoid being labelled 'Emperor'. It can happen to you, so keep yourself simple, good, pure, saintly, plain, a friend of justice, god-fearing, gracious, affectionate, and strong for your proper work.

Fear is to be afraid: No one has ever been able strike terror in others while simultaneously enjoying peace of mind.

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Marcus Aurelius Quotes about Death

Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature's delight.

Consider yourself dead. You have lived your entire life. Take what is left and live your life properly.

Don't act as though you are going to live for ten thousand years. Death is always at your back. Be good while you're alive, as long as it's within your control.

Each part of me will then be reduced to some part in the universe. That part will again change into another part, and so forth forever.

Do not despise death; instead, embrace it. Nature will do it just like everything else.

Right now, you could be out of this world. That will determine what you say, do, and think.

Nature has a way of keeping death, just like birth, a secret.

Everything that you do, say or intend to do should be as if it were a dying person.

For myself, I pray that death will overtake me when I am occupied only with my character. I want it to be passionless, free, unrestricted and unrestrained.

Concerning death: It is either dispersion or resolution into atoms or annihilation.

Do not live your life as if there are endless years ahead. Death overshadows you. Be good while you're still alive and able.

However, death, life, honor, dishonor and pain, pleasure and pain - all these are equally possible to both good and bad men. These things do not make us better or worse. They are therefore neither good nor bad.

You live a brief existence, but you pursue and avoid all things as though they were eternal.

Keep in mind that all men, pursuits, nations, and cultures are dead.

Although I cannot avoid death, I can at least escape the fear of it.

Death is not an evil. What then is it? It is the only law that prohibits discrimination.

Fear of death and pain is what we should be afraid of. We praise the poet, "Death isn't fearful, but dying as a coward"

Do not be afraid of death. Instead, look at it with kindness.

The Best Marcus Aurelius Quotes

To live a happy life, you only need to think positively.

Harmony with oneself is the best way to live.

You can also look back at the past with all its shifting empires that rose or fell and see the future.

Today, I managed to escape anxiety. Or, it's not true. I got rid of it because it was inside me.

He will be amazed at how much time he saves by not looking at his neighbor's thoughts or actions, but only at what it is he does, to make it holy and just.

Happiness is an inner power of the soul.

You will only ever keep the wealth that you have given away.

Everything that happens to you is something that has been awaiting since the beginning.

Every act in your life should be taken as though it were your last.

Your own strength may not be sufficient to complete the task. But if it is within the power and jurisdiction of man, then believe it is within your own compass.

Injustice can be committed by doing nothing.

If you are unable to look, there is strength within you.

Short Marcus Aurelius Quotes

You cannot act in anger if you are dishonest.

Life is not good or bad, but it can be used to your advantage.

Man should stand straight, not keep his head down.

The universe is transformation: life is opinion.

Refraining from imitation is the best way to get revenge.

Be present in the moment.

One of the acts that is life is dying.

Tomorrow is not here, but today is too late. The good life was lived yesterday.

Every act of your life should be done as if it were your last.

Your art is what? To be good.

Do not let your mind wander about what you do not have, but what you do have.

Life is a problem for the wise; life is a solution for the fool.

Someone despises me. They have a problem.

For the sake of each other, men exist.

Therefore, the rational animal can also be a social animal.

Everything that exists is the seed for all that will exist.

Men should see and know that he is a real man who lives the way he was created to.

It is important to have a purpose in everything you do.

Acceptance without arrogance and indifference.

Glory is a fickle, empty thing that can change as quickly as the weather.

There is nothing that can happen to anyone.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes Love, Life, and Kindness

Even if you break your heart sometimes, men will continue to live as before.

If you want to live long, you must be an elderly man quickly.

Because most of the things we do and say are not necessary. Ask yourself every day, "Is this necessary?"

You can't love yourself enough. Or, you could love your nature and all it requires.

Living is more like dancing than wrestling.

Everything that is beautiful in any way derives its beauty and needs nothing else. It is not worth praising, because praise does not make anything better or worse.

It is easy to forget everything in a short time.

People who love what you do are so passionate about it that they forget to eat or wash.

You can correct a man if he is wrong. If you're unable to do so, then blame yourself or someone else.

Do not wish for anything to be different. This is living a false existence.

The universe is always changing; what we think of our lives is what it is.

To have learned how to accept favors from friends without losing your self-respect or appearing ungrateful.

Do you think any man will hate me? It will be his business. I will still be gentle and kind to all men, and ready and willing to show my benevolence and not make a display of my endurance but with dignity and honesty.

The beauty that is truly beautiful doesn't need anything. It does not require law, truth, or benevolence.

Accept the life that has been given to you; love the people who have placed you in your path.

Kindness is invincible.

My brother Severus, to love my kin and to love truth and justice.

We can't bear what we don't want to bear; the rest of our lives are possible.

It was a joy to see it happen.

Catulus the philosopher said that it is important not to dismiss a friend's accusations, even if they seem unreasonable, but to try to bring the relationship back to its normal state.

One does not lose any other life except the one he currently lives. No one can live another life other than the one he is now living.

Accept the circumstances and be open to learning from them. Love the creatures you share your destiny with.

Humans exist to support one another. They can be taught or endured.

Marcus Aurelius Quotes about Anger, Pain & Fear

The consequences of anger are more severe than their causes.

The best way to get revenge is not being like your enemy.

When will all things be covered?

Anger and annoyance can be more damaging than the things that anger or annoy you.

The same degree that a man's mind gets closer to freedom from all passion, the same degree is it close to strength.

Now think of the things which goad man into destroying man: they are hope, envy, hatred, fear, and contempt.

If thou art more angry than others, think about how fleeting is man's existence.

The best revenge is to not imitate the aggressor.

To not display anger or any other emotion. To feel passionate but still full of love.

If someone is blaming you or hating you, or if men make injurious remarks about you, you can approach them and probe into their souls to find out what kind of men they really are. It is not necessary to worry about these men having different opinions.

If you keep in mind its limitations and do not add to it in imagination, pain is neither unbearable nor permanent.

Do something you enjoy doing. If you don't, start doing it more often. Moral inclinations are the same. You should not get mad if you don't have a lapse. Instead, you have encouraged a trend and fuelled the flames.

We shouldn't feel angry at the world. As if the whole world would notice.

It is foolish to try and escape the faults of others. They cannot be avoided. Try to escape from your own.

Pain is also a frightening mask. Look under it to see. Sometimes the body suffers but there is always relief. If that's not enough, you can always open the door. Our problems will disappear if the door is not shut no matter what the circumstance.

Anger at someone is a sign that you have forgotten: Everything that happens is normal. They are responsible, and not you.

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