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These are some Rumi quotes to expand your thinking. Rumi (1207-1273), a 13th century Persian poet, is among the most widely-read poets around the globe. His poems can be found in public and private readings all over the globe.

Rumi's poetry is popular in the West because of many reasons. Rumi's poems are written in the common language used by the people. His poems and themes are universal.

Rumi, a profound and transformative poet and thinker, has been quoted on many topics over the years. However, he is most commonly quoted on love to inspire and energize readers and remind them of the importance to understand the interconnectedness of all living things.

This article contains the most popular Rumi quotes.

Rumi Quotes

It is not your task to find love. It is your job to search for it.

Lovers never meet at the end. They are always in love with each other.

The place where you receive the Light is called the wound.

Use your words and not your voice to speak. It is rain, not thunder that grows flowers.

Allow the beauty in what you love to become what you do.

Don't feel alone, the whole universe is within you.

Stop being so small. The universe is in ecstatic motion.

They must first destroy the old building before they can rebuild it.

If you are able to do things from your heart, you will feel a flow of joy in your body.

The world of silence is a vast expanse of fullness.

Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.

There are many ways to kiss the ground and kneel on it; there are many ways to return home.

Accepting the difficulties you have been dealt will make it possible to open the door.

You are not a drop of the ocean. You are the whole ocean in a drop.

The Best Rumi Quotes

Everybody has been created for a particular job and every person has longed for it.

Goodbyes can only be said for those who love with all their heart. For those who love with their heart and soul, there is no separation.

Your heart has a flame waiting to be lit. Your soul is empty and ready to be filled. It's there, you feel it.

My soul comes from somewhere else, that's what I know, and that's where I want to go.

You are the universe. You already have everything you desire.

Wait with no fear in the darkest moments of your life.

It is important to be skeptical about what I want.

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We worry about everything because we are caught up in our thoughts.

Your light teaches me how to love. Your beauty teaches me how to write poems. You dance within my chest, where no one can see you. But sometimes, I do and that is art.


If you are able to do things from your soul, you will feel a flow in you, a joy.

Consider someone who doesn’t keep score, who isn’t looking to gain more, or who is afraid of losing it, and who has no interest in his personality. He’s free.


Jagged rock is not a good choice. Get ground. So that wild flowers can grow where you are, crumble.

Perhaps you're looking for the root, but not the branches.

Words can be used as a pretext. It is not the words that draw people together, but their inner bonds.

You can't see the spirit, but it is close! Reach for it, but don't let your eyes be blinded by water. Do not be the rider that gallops all night without seeing the horse who is below him.

some short quotes about Rumi

Help others!

Practice silence.


What is the best time to start that long journey inside of yourself?

You can be blessed by what you hurt. Your candle is darkness.

You can drink the pure nectar from This Moment if you look beyond your thoughts.

Let the dead leaves fall like a tree.

This is a subtle truth. You are who you love.

Half-heartedness is not a way to reach the heights of majesty.

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Find the wisdom that will unravel your knot. Find the path that requires your whole self.

If the world is pushing you to your knees you are in the ideal position to pray.

The seeds of each person's soul are what will grow.

There is beauty in silence. See how the pattern changes when you stop weaving

You will find a cure for your pain one day.

Praise the sun is to be kind to your own eyes.

You can be full of sorrow so that you may turn into a hill of joy.

I am not this hair or this skin. I am the soul within.

Your heart is as big as an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.

Every call that excites you, respond.

We are all one. All of the universe is within your reach. Ask yourself all the questions.

There are many ways to kiss the ground and kneel.

These are the Most Famous Rumi Quotes

It is about finding the right balance between letting go and holding on.

The moon is in the sky. Not the lake.

A large task can be made easier by patience with the smallest details, just like the universe.

Buy bewilderment and sell your intelligence. Cleverness is mere opinion. Intuition is gained from bewilderment.

Your soul and mine are one, and we both appear and disappear in each others' souls.

Every moment that the fire burns, it will burn away a hundred veil. You will be able to take you one thousand steps towards your goal.

I cultivate the seeds of devotion with every breath. I am a farmer of my heart.

Avoid what isn't comfortable. Avoid safety. Do not live where you fear. Destroy your reputation. Be famous. I've tried enough prudent planning. I will be insane from now on.

All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.

The beauty of your heart is the only true beauty.

It is your path and only you can take it.

You will not find me if you don't find me within you. Since the beginning, I've been there with you.

Start crawling if you have no other choice but to crawl.

The seeker is the one who moves with speed or slowness.

Everybody was made for a particular job, and every person has longed for it.

Don't let the lover be disgraceful or crazy. A sober person will not worry about the consequences. Let the lover be.

Jagged rock is not a good choice. Get ground. So that wildflowers can grow where you are, crumble.

Silence is the best way to fall into the music.

Rumi Quotes on Love

Love is the bridge that connects you to everything.

Only the heart can touch the sky.

Let beauty be all that we do.

Trust whatever lifts your corners of the mouth.

Close your eyes and fall in love. Stay there.

Love is more than an emotion. It's your very existence.

Get out of the circle time and enter the circle love.

If I love myself, then I also love you. If I love you, then I love myself.

Laugh as often as you can. Love as long you live.

Allow yourself to be attracted silently by the strong pull of what you truly love.

Your heart knows the path. Follow that path.

Be soulful, Be kind, Be in love.

Separation is not possible for those who love with their whole heart.

Love is willing to take on everything and will not settle for anything.

If you want to be more alive, love is the truest health.

This is love: To fly towards a secret heaven, to cause a hundred veil to fall every moment. To let go of all things. To finally take a step without your feet.

Be in love, no matter where you are or what you do.

This is a subtle truth. You are what you love.

We are not masters or owners of our lives when we follow the path of love. We are but a brush in a master painter's hand.

Your teacher should be love itself.

Sometimes, love wants to do us a favor by turning us upside down and shaking out all the nonsense.

Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in love.

The light of love makes every moment beautiful.

When we love unconditionally without calculations, expectations, or negotiations, it is truly heaven.

Rumi Quotes on Happiness

Perhaps the only way to find the happiness I seek is by going away. It's possible that I will find it at home after I have gone and returned.

Do not grieve. You can always get it back in another way.

Everybody is afraid of death. But the true sufis laugh at this: Nothing tyrannizes them. The pearl is not affected by what strikes the oyster shell.

Love is expressed through reason.

Sit down with me! Let's drink the holy wine that brings us happiness.

Let joy take over and get out of your way.

The smiling sun would burn the vines without the frowning clouds and lightning.

You should consider what would happen if you lose something that makes you happy.

O happy soul who saw its own faults!

When it does not avoid the night, the moon is still bright.

The wonders that we seek out outside of ourselves are carried within us.

Do not be content with the stories of others. Your own story is yours.

You may find the light in everything you see.

You can achieve perfection by yourself so you don't fall into despair when you see the perfection of others.

You move from one room to the next, searching for the diamond necklace that is already on your neck.

Everyone wants you to be happy. You and all those around you would fly like doves if you could let go of jealousy and untie your wings.

Rumi Quotes on Change

Set your life on fire. Find others who can lighten your flames.

You are not a drop of the ocean. You are the whole ocean in a drop.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.

All of the universe is inside you. Ask yourself all the questions.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

I want to sing as the birds sing and not worry about what other people think.

Avoid what isn't comfortable. Avoid safety. Do not live where you fear. Destroy your reputation. Be famous

Why are you so fascinated by this world when there is a gold mine within you?

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. It won't lead you astray.

Why would you want to stay behind bars when there are so many options?

Because you were born with wings, don't you wish to fly through your life?

Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.

Yesterday is over and the tale of its story is told. Today, new seeds are being planted.

You can hear more if you're quieter.

It is your path, and only you can take it. Others may follow you but they cannot walk it with your permission.

There's an artist in you that you don't even know.

The way will appear as you begin to walk along the path.

Allow yourself to be silently drawn in by the mysterious pull of what you truly love. It won't lead you astray.

The Garden of the World has no boundaries, except for your mind.

You can use gratitude as a cloak to feed your entire life.

You can let go of your identity and become someone you want to be.

Rumi Quotes on Peace

You know you're near the truth when you feel peaceful joy.

Prayer is a way to clear the mind and bring peace back into the heart.

Be at peace with the universe. It is all good. Each moment is a new beauty

Why should you remain in prison? The door is always open.

All religions. All of this singing. One song. Peace be with You

I was drawn to churches, mosques, and temples. But the Divine was within me.

Your desire for harmony is the root cause of all your anxiety. You will find peace if you seek disharmony.

You can dance where you can rip yourself apart and completely abandon all your worldly passions.

Do not be unhappy with the future.

Silence is the key to unlocking your answers

Beyond the notions of wrongdoing or right-doing there is another field. There you will find me. The world is too vast to discuss when the soul lies in that grass.

Don't be discouraged if you are in the dark. The dawn is coming.

Although the lamps may be different, the light source is the same.

You are not better than anyone, my dearest heart. With compassion, listen to their pain. Peace is not possible if you harbor negative thoughts.

Now, stop uttering those words. Let the spirit fly by opening the window at the center of the chest.

There is a community for the spirit. You can join it and experience the joy of walking on the street, being the noise. Be a shame if you don't drink enough passion. To see with one eye, close both your eyes.

Peaceful is someone who doesn't care about having more or less. He is unbound by fame and name, and is free from all sorrows in the world, but mostly from himself.

At the time of peace, union and harmony, a divine dance is created in the soul and body. The dance is easy to learn, all you have to do is listen to the music.

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