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These creativity quotes will help you be more creative. Creativity can be defined as the ability to imagine or create something new. It is what makes a great idea great.

It's what drives human advancement. Creativity doesn't just happen by itself. It requires encouragement and exploration.

Some people need to be on time, while others need privacy. Some people need music, while others need silence. Everybody is different. Everybody works differently. It's important that you know how to ignite your creativity.

These are my top picks for creativity quotes.

Creativity quotes

Intelligence is not measured by knowledge but imagination. - Albert Einstein

Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

Your creativity is more valuable than the products you produce. Creativity is what binds us to ut uniqueness. - Petrea Hansen-Adamidis

Creativity can be described as the collaboration between two minds. Austin Kleon

It is impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird how they fly. Eric Jerome Dickey

Creativity is a resource that can never be used up. You can't use up creativity if you don't use it. - Maya Angelou

Creativity can only be described as a free mind. - Priyanshu Singh

All that you can imagine, is real. - Pablo Picasso

Creativity is not dependent on the perfect moment. It creates its own moments from ordinary situations. Bruce Garrabrandt

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You're probably doing the wrong thing if you don't do crazy things. Larry Page

Creativity can be as unlimited, expansive, and limitless than the sky. It is what we are born with. It can't be lost or destroyed.

Creativity is about not being afraid of failure. Edwin Land

Creativity requires courage. - Henri Matisse

Every child is an artist. The problem is that you don't become an artist as an adult. - Pablo Picasso

The Best Quotes about Creativity

Creativity is only possible through critical thinking and curiosity. - Amala Akkineni

Trust is the key to creativity. Trust your instincts. Never give up on your instincts. Rita Mae Brown

You will never achieve perfection if you don't have to fear it. - Salvador Dali

Ideas are discussed by great minds. Average minds discuss events. Small minds talk about people. Henry Thomas Buckle

Build with your heart, create with your mind. Criss Jami

Creativity is simply connecting things. Creative people feel guilty when you ask them how they did it. They didn't actually do it. After a while, it seemed obvious to them. - Steve Jobs

My belief is that great creative people are curious about all aspects of life. - Leo Burnett

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Silencing people is the most dangerous idea. - Naval Ravikant

You can learn the rules like a professional, and then break them like an artist. - Pablo Picasso

The beginning of creation is imagination. When you visualize what you want, you can create it. George Bernard Shaw

Creativity is the ability to conceal your source. C.E.M. Joad

Failure is the only way to innovate and be creative. - Absolutely. Brene Brown

Creativity goes beyond being different. Anyone can think up something completely new; it's not difficult. It's difficult to be as simple and straightforward as Bach. Creativity is the ability to make the seemingly simple extraordinarily simple. - Charles Mingus

Quotes on Creativity and Innovation

Society will be transformed faster by art, freedom, creativity, and innovation than politics. Victor Pinchuk

Give them time to be creative workers. John Cleese

Passion is the key to creativity. It's because passion makes you more open to taking risks. Yo-Yo Ma

Vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity, change, and progress. - Brene Brown

Creativity is born from conflicting ideas. - Donatella Versace

Learning is more meaningful when it is purposeful. When creativity blossoms and thinking emanates, knowledge is fully illuminated. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Creativity is the ability to admit that you make mistakes. Art is choosing which ones to keep. - Scott Adams

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Diversity and inclusion are essential ingredients for creativity. They must be at the heart of everything we do. - Marco Bizzarri

It is essential that we keep jumping off cliffs, and then letting our wings develop on the way down. - Kurt Vonnegut

Spread your creativity. Creativity is infectious. - Albert Einstein

When you create something new, the world is always brighter. - Neil Gaiman

It is clear that creativity is the most valuable human resource. We would never make any progress without creativity. - Edward de Bono

Creative thinking is not possible in a comfort zone. It's a great enemy of creativity. To move beyond it, intuition must be developed. This will allow you to see new possibilities and conquer fears. - Dan Stevens

The conscious mind can obscure creativity. - Naval Ravikant

Here are some short Creativity Quotes

Creativity is not talent but attitude. - Jenova Chen

Negativity is the enemy creativity. - David Lynch

Creativity, like human life itself, begins in darkness. Julia Cameron

Artistry is believing in yourself. Henry Moore

Creativity is all about mystery. This, and surprise. Julia Cameron

Boredom is always before a period of great creativity. Robert M. Pirsig

Although creativity can be difficult to cultivate, it is easy to defeat. Adam Grant

Good art inspires; Good design motivates. - Otl Aicher

Creativity is born from conflicting ideas. - Donatella Versace

You are more creative when you don't need money. Unknown

Good work habits are the key to creativity. - Twyla Tharp

Comfort is the enemy of creativity. - David Choe

My humor is my creativity. And my skepticism, my gift, is my humor. J. Tillman

Creativity is the ability to see the extraordinary in the mundane. - Bill Moyers

However, creativity comes out of limitation. - Debbie Allen

Creativity is just as important as literacy. Ken Robinson

My humor is my creativity. And my skepticism, my gift, is my humor. J. Tillman

Creativity is about the ability to let go of all things that aren't necessary. - Erich Fromm

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I don't think there is a limit to creativity or passion. Deadmau

The best friend of creativity is solitude, and solitude is a source of inner peace. Naomi Judd

Each new idea is a mixup of existing ideas. Austin Kleon

To keep my creativity alive, all I do is try to live life to its fullest. G-Dragon

Music videos are a way for me to think visually. Jay Park

Fear is replaced by curiosity. - Steven Spielberg

My inner demons are often escaped by creativity. - Demi Lovato

Everything is fascinating. Take a closer look. Unknown

Creative urges include the urge to destroy. Mikhail Bakunin

Inspirational Creativity Quotes

Everybody who has ever taken a bath has had an idea. The person who gets out of the shower and does something about it is the one who makes a difference. - Nolan Bushnell

Do not be content with the stories of others. Your own myth can be created. Rumi

Creativity and innovation are the heart and souls of the company. Bob Iger

There is a fountain that gives you youth. It is your mind, talents, creativity, and love. You can defeat age by learning to tap into this fountain. - Sophia Loren

Creativity means seeing something that doesn’t exist yet. Find out how to bring it about and be a friend with God. - Michele Shea

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My experience shows that poor people are some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. They must invent every day to survive. They are poor because they don't have the opportunity to make their creativity a sustainable source of income. - Muhammad Yunus

If you're your own person, there is room for everyone on the planet to be creative. You can't be like someone else if you try to be. - Tori Amos

Ideas are like rabbits. Once you learn how to manage them, you will soon have a few. - John Steinbeck

My friend, keep your sense of humor; it's not funny if you don’t have one. - Wavy Gravy

The world we live in can be so unpredictable that it is essential to have the ability to learn from and adapt to changes. This is not only creativity but also problem-solving and communication skills. Alain Dehaze

Personal computers are the most powerful tool that we have ever made. Personal computers are tools for communication and creativity. They can also be customized by the user. - Bill Gates

Inspirational Quotes on Creativity and Imagination

Intelligence is when you don't fear. - Bruce Lee

Others have seen the truth and asked why. I've seen the possibilities and have asked why. - Pablo Picasso

Education is the foundation for all we do in life, it shapes who we are and what we aspire to be. Innovation is fuelled by creativity, and that's why all states should work to instill it in their next generation. - Jim Hunt

Creativity is a powerful tool for solving almost any problem. Everything can be overcome by creativity, which is the destruction of habits through originality. - George Lois

Creativity will fill any empty space in your head. Dee Hock

The man with nothing to lose is the most dangerous member of any society. - James Baldwin

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It is not possible to achieve great things by impulsive action, but by combining small actions. - Vincent van Gogh

Self-doubts are the worst enemy of creativity. - Priyanshu Singh

Art and creativity are not without controversy. Yoko Ono

Because I didn't have much to play with, creativity was born out necessity. - Ann Makosinski

Being creative is to love life. If you love your life enough to be creative, then you can bring more music, poetry, and dance to it. Osho

Inspirational Quotes about Creativity and Art

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. Gustave Flaubert

Some artists transform the sun into a yellow spot. Others transform it with their art and intelligence. - Pablo Picasso

A dangerous idea isn't worthy of being called an Idea. Oscar Wilde

A problem can't be solved at the same level it was created. - Albert Einstein

Art is not a craft, but the expression of the feelings that the artist has felt. - Leo Tolstoy

It is not possible to achieve great things by impulsive action, but by a combination of small actions. - Vincent van Gogh

In many ways, creativity and plagiarism are almost inseparable. - David Shields

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Creativity is a resource that can never be used up. You can't use up creativity if you don't use it. - Maya Angelou

They ran out of stone, but that didn't mean the stone age was over.

Your ability to achieve great things in the world will be hampered by a full schedule and a distracted mind. You need to have free time and a clear mind if you want to achieve great things. - Naval Ravikant

My game as a player is built on creativity. It opens doors that others may not see. Paul Pogba

It is important to remain alert and to ask questions to discover the truth so that you can take your own initiative. - Bruce Lee


Creativity is infectious. Creativity is rare in a world that constantly tells us to be more.

Creativity is essential because it's the spark that leads us to solve our daily problems.

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