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This collection includes the most inspirational Mother Teresa quotes. Blessed Teresa from Calcutta was often referred to by the name of Mother Teresa. The saint was also the daughter of a Roman Catholic missionary who spent much of her existence in India.

She devoted her whole life to helping the poor and sick and improving the conditions of the poorest individuals in India.

She was awarded her Nobel Peace Prize and made sainthood through the Vatican.

This selection of Mother Teresa quotes, sayings and reflections reflects the faith and wisdom that the woman devoted her entire life and career helping others.

Mother Teresa Quotes

One person can be fed by one person, if you can't provide 100 meals to. Mother Teresa

Be faithful even in the smallest of things because it's there that you will find your strength. Mother Teresa

It is impossible to love someone If you make judgments about them. Mother Teresa

Smile at someone who you feel you're in love with them. It's a sign of love as well as a gift. Mother Teresa

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God doesn't require us to achieve anything He just demands to try. Mother Teresa

Be a beacon of love wherever you travel. Do not let anyone enter you and leave you unhappy. Mother Teresa

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, then go to your home and be with your family. Mother Teresa

People are illogical, unrealistic and self-centered. They deserve to be loved. Mother Teresa

Though kind words may appear simple and unimportant but their impact will last for all the time. Mother Teresa

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We're not all able to achieve amazing feats. We can perform small acts of compassion with huge satisfaction. Mother Teresa

Certain people are blessed to us in every day life. Certain people enter your life to help you learn. Mother Teresa

Let us always greet each other with a smile since smiles are the beginning of love. Mother Teresa

It is possible to lose the things you've spent over the years creating. But don't allow that to keep your from building all over again. Mother Teresa

It isn't important how much you donate the world, it's how much love and care you put into it. Mother Teresa

We worry too much about ourselves and we will not be able to take care of others. Mother Teresa

These are the most famous Mother Teresa Quotes

If you can do something I cannot, and I will do it. We can do great things.

We'll never be able to appreciate the advantages of a simple smile.

Service is the result of love, and that is compassion that acts.

Do not worry over the number. Always begin with the closest person and only one at a time.

Prayer asks. The prayer is not asking.

Yesterday has gone. Tomorrow isn't here yet. We have today for all we've got. Let's get started.

Our personal impression is that we're only a drop in the ocean. The ocean would be much smaller without the drop.

It is harder to conquer the craving for love than it is to overcome the desire for bread.

The good works constitute the link that form an entanglement of love.

Don't believe that love has to be exclusive in order for it to be true. It is important to be in love and not get tired of it.

Not wanted, not loved and ignored or ignored by anyone else, is a sign that you are poor.

I am tiny in the hand of a writing God who is writing an affectionate note out to all the people of the earth.

Our society has lost its humanity and are not able to achieve peace.

God does not provide me with something I'm not able to manage. I only wish that he wouldn't believe in me as much.

Feeling lonely and being unloved is the most depressing poverty.

The paradox I came across is that love is only endured until it is hurt.

Mother Teresa's Top Quotes

If we truly would like to love, we need to learn to accept forgiveness.

Joy is a netting of unconditional love that is able to capture souls.

The love of your life is in style and readily available to everyone.

It is the poverty that forces children to pass away so to lead the life you desire.

It's not that we don't do our job but it is that it makes us feel happy.

Be present and joyful. Every minute is precious.

While I can't create more beautiful I can place stones in the water and make ripples.

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Don't settle for just giving money. It's not enough just to be a millionaire. They need love and encouragement from you. Be a beacon of love wherever you travel.

One thing is the only issue for me: money. Judas sold Jesus due to his insatiableness.

What could you do to bring about peace around the world? Take care of your family and go home.

It is important to be aware of the neighbour next to you. Are you acquainted with the neighbor who lives next door?

It is crucial that a love message is sent out if we wish it to get heard. It is essential to keep the oil running to ensure that a lamp is burning.

Let us help the weak and lonely, poor and suffering according to the graces we've received.

Love isn't something that can be left to itself without meaning. It is only through service that there's a method to put love into actions.

Feeling lonely and unloved are the most serious manifestations of poverty.

While I'm not sure what heaven is going to be like, I do know that God does not want to know what positive things we've accomplished during our lifetime.

God doesn't require us to be successful God only demands that we attempt.

The constant possibility that we could perform the task to get doing the job. This is why respect dedication, love, and respect are essential. We're doing it to honor God as well as Christ and that's why we do it so beautifully.

Motivational Mother Teresa Sayings and Quotes

Words that don't reflect Christ's light, only make it dark.

The biggest problem of the present isn't tuberculosis or leprosy, but rather the feeling of not being welcome.

Joy is the netting of love and unconditional affection that can take souls.

What is the best way to be a parent with too many kids? Similar to saying that there aren't enough flowers.

Invisible, unloved, and forgotten or disregarded by anyone is a sign that you are poor.

Many people believe that their job is our vocation. Our calling is to be a loving disciple of Jesus.

We must continue to insist on raising funds in affection, of kindness and understanding, as well as peace. If we begin by seeking the God's Kingdom, God and seek the Kingdom of God, the rest will be followed.

Do not fly any faster than the speed of your angel of protection.

It is a sign of humility, and no one will ever be able to touch your heart, not either praise or shame.

Peace is not something we need guns and bombs instead, we need love and compassion.

Even the wealthiest have a desire for affection, attention and love.

The work we do is just as important as the life we live in the midst of poverty. Only in heaven will be able to see the amount we owe the people who are poor for helping them be a part of God more in the name of.

It's not the magnitude of our actions that is important more than the amount of affection we pour into them.

It's a sign of desperation to declare that your child should pass away so to have the life you desire.

I provide the less fortunate with what the rich could receive to show their affection. Sure, I wouldn't be able to touch a leper in the event that it costs me a thousand dollars. However, I will try my best to treat him with the grace and love of God.

Mother Teresa Quotes: Short and sweet

For success to be successful, your first task is take it.
Live to let others live.

Smiles are the first step towards peace.

Prayer doesn't ask for the life of an anthem. Sing it. Accept that life isn't easy.

Don't be waiting for the leaders, take it on yourself, from person to person.

Intense love doesn't count the intensity of love; it simply gives.

While I don't ask for success, I just ask for perseverance.

Slavery isn't associated with love.

I'm convinced that I'm much more challenging than I ought to be.

Make yourself stand out in your love for small things that you do.

If you don't live your life for others is not a true life.

It's a noble thing to assist the unfortunate.

Being a stranger to someone is among the most deadly illnesses.

Since we are wasting our time today, we are afraid of the future.

If you don't have any possessions it is possible to own everything.

It is the discipline between goals and success.

Mother Teresa Quotes on Love and Life

Be sure to take care of your most family members, those who are your family.

The deep joy that is in your heart is like a magnet that shows you towards the direction that you want to take in your daily life.

God is not discovered in chaos and in a state of inertia. God is a lover of quiet. It is evident that the natural world, including flowers, trees and grass, develops in the silence. Additionally, you can see moons, stars and the sun moving in stillness. It is important for us to be silent to connect with our innermost beings.

The love that forms the basis of all love, is person who loves, rather than the opposite. Normal for someone to want to do the best for someone else. But, the fact that it does or doesn't happen is not a determining factor in the value of what we did.

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It is likely that they are able enough to afford a comfortable life. They've put in the effort to achieve it. I'm upset when there is the waste. I am upset when people dispose of items that we could be using.

Choose peace. There will be short-term participants and losers from the conflict we are all afraid of. But this won't suffice to justify the suffering, suffering and death the weapons you use cause.

I'd rather you made mistakes with kindness rather than perform amazing things in the name of kindness.

Jesus showed us how to be kind and loving each other. He didn't say He loved all of the world.

A country that permits abortions does not educate its residents to love but instead make use of violence to get what they want.

Spread the grace and love of God in your everyday life However, only when it is necessary to use words.

If you feel happy you are happy, others might be unhappy. Be happy and keep smiling.

Keep your lips open. Make use of a convincing tone of voice that is low. Be willing to learn. Learn to laugh at hilarious stories.

Only when you're aware of the nothingness of you and the void in your life will God give you His love and grace.

It is possible to find a light inside this world healing spirit which is more powerful than all darkness.

Sometimes, a positive experience inside is more important than the services of a beauty therapist.

It might seem odd but it is the logic behind love.

Let's all smile at each other as smiles are the first step towards love.

If we make someone do things that aren't appropriate for us, it is disrupting God's plans. You should be very strict with yourself as well as with those around you.

True love is that love that brings joy even if it brings hurt. We should pray to God for the strength we need to love.

It's not enough just to just be hungry for food. It is essential to be loved and adored by other people.

Truth is the only thing that is true. In all honesty, we should be able to look up and affirm, "I can do all things through Him Who is a stronghold for me." You can't do anything on yourself. You have the blessings and graces of nature God has granted you.

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