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These inspirational quotes will help you to find inner strength and motivate yourself for self-love.

Do you feel down about yourself? Are you looking for inspiration to feel better about your self? Self-love quotes may be the answer. It can be hard to see ourselves as positive when we feel down.

Sometimes we can see our faults and forget about our positive qualities. It can be difficult to feel secure about our lives and the things that make them unique.

It can make a huge difference if we learn to love ourselves better. These inspirational quotes will help you remember your worth and feel great.

Self-love Quotes

Self love is the best medicine for happiness.

Be proud of who you are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.

The first step to happiness is to fall in love with oneself. Robert Morley

Man cannot be contented without his approval. Mark Twain

Love and happiness are not something that can be found outside. They are inside of us. To live a happy and fulfilled life, you need to learn how to love yourself.

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First, love yourself. Then love others. - Priyanshu Singh

Self-love can be difficult at times. Belief in yourself can make all the difference.

Love is patient and kind. It isn't rude; it isn't self-seeking...

Self-love is our first and final love. - Christian Nestell

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Love does not discriminate - Maya Angelou

The first step to success is self-trust


Who will love you if you don't care about yourself? - Naval Ravikant

To forgive is to choose to love. It is the first step to self-giving love. - Mohandas Gandhi

Respect for yourself is your number one priority above all other relationships. - Priyanshu Singh

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It's a temporary thing. This shadow is temporary. Even darkness must end. - Sam Gamgee


People often fail to love themselves and make mistakes in their lives. - Priyanshu Singh

Self love must be your top priority. You can't love yourself if you don’t have it. Lori Moreno

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The real problem is how you think about yourself. - Maya Angelou

Self-love is the key to confidence. Action is possible when you have confidence. - Priyanshu Singh

It seems impossible until it is done. - Nelson Mandela

You must be open to doing something that you have never done before if you want something that you've never experienced. - Thomas Jefferson

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You can believe in the dreams of others, so why not pursue your own dream and make it a reality?

Fear can erode our faith in God's goodness. God has not given us fear, but power, love and self-control. - Max Lucado

A low self-love can be likened to giving up on oneself. - Priyanshu Singh

Self-love and self-respect are all important. They are not found in anyone else.

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These inner forces are responsible for determining the individual's natural instinct to self-preservation. - Albert Einstein

I try my best. It is what I do after giving my best that makes the difference. - Craig Groeschel

All else will fall into place if you love yourself first. To be successful in this world, you must first love yourself. - Lucille Ball

You will never be able to understand someone unless you first understand yourself.

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Think like a queen. A queen doesn't fear failure. Failure is another step on the path to greatness. Oprah

You can love yourself enough to establish boundaries. Your time and your energy are precious. You have the power to decide how you use your time and energy. By deciding what you will or won't accept, you can teach others how to treat you. - Anna Taylor

You can't love anyone if you don’t love yourself. You won't love anyone else, and that's not all. Love begins with you. Wayne Dyer

You will never reach your full potential unless you love yourself. - Teresa Collins

The desire to be loved is the deepest principle of human nature. William James

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You will never be satisfied with what you have unless you're happy with yourself. - Zig Ziglar

The Best Self-Love Quotes

Only you are sufficient. There is nothing you can prove to anyone. - Maya Angelou

I love to celebrate myself and sing for myself. Walt Whitman

It's not what they call, but what you answer to. W.C. Fields

Too many people undervalue what is important and overvalue what it is not. - Malcolm S. Forbes

You will tolerate less nonsense if you love yourself more.

You're doing your best. Be kind to yourself.

Self love is the highest frequency to attract all you want. Unknown

Accept yourself and love yourself. Keep moving forward. You must let go of what is holding you back from flying. - Roy T. Bennett

I love myself because I am a beloved child by the universe, and the universe loves me now. - Louise Hay

Self acceptance and self love are the keys to a happy life.

It is a short life, so make the most of it, love your loved ones, make them proud, and then you can achieve your dreams.

Daily affirmations of positive thoughts and feelings are important. To glow externally, you must first love yourself. - Ileana D'Cruz

A winner is someone who dreams big and never gives up. - Nelson Mandela

You can love others better if you learn to love yourself, with all its flaws. That makes you happy. Kristin Chenoweth

Acceptance is all that's required. Then you will feel at ease in the present and with yourself. Eckhart Tolle

One learns to love by simply loving and being loved. - Haruki Murakami

People who love themselves don't harm others. We are more likely to hate ourselves than we are to allow others to suffer. - Dan Pearce

You are the most precious thing that exists when you understand yourself. Osho

Many of us find the most difficult times in our lives are those we have to face. Pema Chodron

It's about finding love for yourself and sharing it with someone you love, not looking for love to make up for your self-love deficit. Eartha Kitt

Self-love takes a daily commitment. Before you can take care others, you have to take care yourself. Your priority is you. Polly S

Inspirational Self-Love Quotes

You will find the beauty in life when you are able to appreciate yourself.

Do not be small. Do something BIG for yourself. Corita Kent

Being someone you think others want you to be is one of the most regrettable things in life. - Shannon L. Alder

I want to be so happy for myself that people will just look at me and feel the same. Yogi Bhajan

You are more like you than anyone else. This makes you unique. - Walt Disney

Self-love is possible by allowing yourself to receive the love you are longing for from others. Bell Hooks

You should exercise because you love your body and not because it is painful.

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First, be happy. You must treat yourself as a king before you can expect others to treat your like one.

Accepting ourselves as we are is to appreciate our imperfections as well as our successes. - Sandra Bierig

You will feel less need to be proud of yourself if you feel better about yourself. Robert Hand

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