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Many people are part of our lives. These include our spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other family members. They all become our closest friends.

As children, we have many friends. This friendship is never broken.

This friendship is free from jealousy and fake emotions. This friendship bond is strong because it only fosters trust and loyalty.

Let me tell you, don’t be lazy for a special occasion. Your best friend is still waiting to receive your birthday wishes. Be punctual, don't be late. Get your phone out and send your best friend good wishes right away.

Because one of your messages could bring joy to their/her faces.

If you call your friend at midnight, they will always be available for you. They will not reject your call. They will always be open to your calls.

This is true friendship. These best friend quotes are perfect for you to share with your best friend or family member.

You can also share these fake friend quotes.

These are the Best Friend Quotes for Your True Bestie.

The Best Friendship Quotes

Dear friend, even if my phone has low memory, I will delete your photos but keep your original photo safe.

True friendship is a relationship with someone with whom you can disagree on every topic but still get along well. 

A best friend can make things less scary. - Bill Watterson

After a long struggle, I hugged her tight and asked, "You will let me go." She looked deeply into my eyes and replied, "Never ".

Do not ask me about my importance. You are the reason my smile is brightening up every day.

You cannot wait for others to arrive in your Forest corner. They must be reached sometimes. - A.A. Milne

Although we don't share a blood connection, I feel blessed that we share a common emotion.

Because of you, I believe friendship is real. You make me feel so special. You are perfect for me, I promise.

Dear friend, I am sorry to irritate your feelings, but I promise I will not be irritated any more. It's my favorite job.

It's hard enough as it is. There are too many bumpy roads. Too many chains to unravel. A good friend can make life easier, no matter how harsh the world might be. Unknown

Friendship is built on trust, understanding, respect, and care. Our friendship is sustained by our "efforts." Both sides are equally important.

True friends aren't keeping score. It is still nice to be able to show your gratitude, even in the smallest of ways. Emery Lord

Everyone will hurt you, that's the truth. However, you have to choose the ones that are worth your pain. Bob Marley

You are my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much that I don't want you to go. Because I have lived a better life since the day you entered my life.

Unless you are going down, a true friend will never get in your way.

A friend is someone you can trust to sing the song you love, even if you forget the lyrics.

There are family and friends, then there are family friends.

Dear friend, even if we don't see each other for a while, we still get to catch up.

Let there be laughter in the sweetness of friendship. The heart is recharged when it finds its morning in the small things. - Khalil Gibran

Best Friend Quotes for your Real Friends

A friend loyal will laugh at your jokes when you're not funny, and sympathize with you when things aren't so bad.

Understanding and being understood is one of the best qualities of true friendship.


Quotes for best friends

I will never forget how grateful I am to have you in mine.

The people we trust the most are our best friends. They are the ones we share our deepest and darkest secrets with, laugh with, cry with, and who we can confide in.

There is no one I'd rather have as a friend on this journey of life. You have been my best friend, and you never gave up on me, even when it was hard for me to believe.

True friends are those who help you when you fall, even if no one else notices. 

Friendship is what helps you get through the tough times and makes you smile during the good ones. Unknown

Sometimes, I feel like my best friend would be happier without me. It's a horrible feeling, because without her I would be nothing.

Because I choose quality over quantity.

Sometimes, I wish you were there so that I could tell how much I love you and how difficult it has been without your support.

Friends are stars. Although you may not always be able to see them, you can always trust that they are there.

There are many friends. There are family. There are also friends who become family.

The best times are made better by friends, and the worst times more bearable.

Keep one thing in mind. The best friendship doesn't need any explanation. All that is needed is trust.

This is how I miss you. You are my favourite and I cannot wait to see you again. You are my best friend, I love you beyond words. 

I miss those days, when we didn't have much to say. But, we still talked the whole day and night.

You are my bestie. Yes, you are a blessing in my life.

We will recharge you for life with unlimited Talktime and a trusted network. And no expiry date.

They can end the most wonderful friendships in seconds.

Dear friend, if you can, could you please airdrop yourself to me? I miss you. 

Best friends don't show their love publicly, but they show it quietly in every little thing they do.

Yes, friendship is the key to a fulfilling life.

Friends are people who borrow my books, and then set their wet glasses on them. Edwin Arlington Robinson

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